Local government integrated GIS

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There is a huge amount of map data in each department of the local government.

However, if these are not shared so that they can be used interchangeably, inconsistencies between data will not only cause business problems, but will also incur maintenance costs due to data duplication.

Informatics integrated GIS in the agency

"Integrated GIS" is a mechanism that aggregates map data owned and used by each department as a common database (shared space database) and enables cooperation between data.

Informatics integrated GIS in municipal offices"High-speed drawing" "High operability" "High expandability"This is a high-performance system that is resistant to future environmental changes.

Server configuration (cloud / hybrid / on-premise), platform,Individual dutiesWe can flexibly respond to the requests of each local government, such as adding functions.

LGWAN (Comprehensive Administrative Network),APPLICAlso supports.Data construction service that is the basis of the systemIs also available.

GIS Glossary: ​​Individual Business GIS, Integrated GIS


Labor saving of management and maintenance

Applications can be distributed and updated via the agency network, reducing the burden on system administrators.

Reduce data maintenance costs

Through a common system that is highly expandable and can be linked flexibly, you can centrally manage electronic data within the agency, reduce the cost of data maintenance, and make effective use of data.

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