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Past Speakers: Spatial Information Symposium 2019

Introducing speakers from previous symposiums (in any order).
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・ The affiliation and title of the speaker are those at the time of the lecture.

Speakers of Spatial Information Symposium 2019

Speakers (in any order, titles are as they were at the time of the lecture) Lecture title
Cabinet Office Space Development Strategy Promotion Secretariat
QZSS Strategic Office
Assistant counselor Kei Narusawa | Planner Hiroshi Iida | Chief Takayuki Takahashi
Service overview of the quasi-zenith satellite system "Michibiki" and
Usage examples
The University of Tokyo Spatial Information Science Research Center Spatial Information Analysis Division
Professor / Takashi Oguchi, President, Geographic Information Systems Society
Geographic Information System (GIS) and Geography Education and Human Resource Development
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering, Artificial Engineering Research Center
Mr. Yutaka Matsuo, Professor, Department of Technology and Management Strategy
The future of artificial intelligence
-Things beyond deep learning-
Takeo Aihara, Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics and Content Science Grasp tourism dynamics by analyzing behavioral data
Osaka Prefecture Special Advisor / Osaka City Special Advisor
Shinya Hashizume, Professor, Research Promotion Organization, Osaka Prefecture University
Designing a future society that shines
From Osaka Expo 1970 to Osaka / Kansai Expo 2025
Yokohama National University Faculty of Urban Innovation Professor Koichi Maekawa Remaining life estimation and composite durability dynamics of concrete bridge decks
Hiroshi Goto, Traffic Accident Analyst, Traffic Planning Division, Transportation Department, Shiga Prefectural Police Headquarters How to use GIS for effective traffic accident deterrent measures
Yamatokoriyama City Water and Sewerage Department
(Former director of Yamatokoriyama City Cleaning Center) Takeshi Imanishi
Utilization of garbage dump management system
About procurement method that does not regret
Mr. Hirofumi Yamane, Chief, Information Policy Section, Information Policy Division, Tottori City Planning Promotion Department Three effects obtained by integrating and releasing geographic information within the Agency
Mr. Masaki Ishiguro, Manager, Maintenance Planning Section, Road Planning Division, NEXCO Engineering Hokkaido Road Division | Mihoko Saito Maintenance technology support tool "PRETES-e"
Osaka High Speed ​​Rail Co., Ltd.
Mr. Koji Kuroda, Chief of Management | Tomoaki Yoshihiro, Chief
Construction and operation of a driver support tablet system
JR West Japan Consultants Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hiroshi Marumoto, Deputy Director, IT System Design Department
Construction of on-board database for train control and
Utilization of track plan and wiring diagram in operation
Amazon Web Services Japan K.K.
Product Marketing Evangelist Mr. Harunobu Kameda
The relationship between edge computing and machine learning
Freelance writer Yoshiaki Kataoka Use of maps in the IoT / big data era

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