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Past Speakers: Spatial Information Symposium 2018

Introducing speakers from previous symposiums (in any order).
・ Keynotes, special lectures, lectures, case studies, etc. are all listed.
・ The affiliation and title of the speaker are those at the time of the lecture.

Speakers of Spatial Information Symposium 2018

Speakers (in any order, titles are as they were at the time of the lecture) Lecture title
Cabinet Secretariat Information and Communication Technology Comprehensive Strategy Office Cabinet Counselor
Mr. Eisaku Yamaji / Assistant Counselor Hikaru Ueda / Planner Naoki Tatsuzawa
Government open data initiatives
Hiratsuka City Planning and Policy Department Information Policy Section Information Policy Section
Chief Judge Junichi Kogure / Chief Judge Ken Sasaki
Promotion of open data by utilizing integrated GIS
Mr. Yukinori Ueda, Assistant, Director, Investigation Support Analysis Center, Criminal Planning Division, Criminal Affairs Department, Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters About "Predictive crime prevention system" utilizing GIS
Mr. Kazushi Kirimura, Chief Technology Officer, Social Infrastructure Information Department, Gifu Prefectural Construction Research Center Supporting construction administration using WebGIS and mobile terminals
President, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masu Kazuya
Future society created by IoT
Kazuki Karashima Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Systems, Toyohashi University of Technology Planning support technology in the field of urban and regional planning
Professor, School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Mr. Akinori Morimoto
Development of traffic town development utilizing ICT
Masami Ikegami, Executive Officer, Consulting Department, Parking Lot Research Institute, Inc. Use of GIS in parking lots:
"Panorama system" and "Parking analyzer"
Mr. Hiroaki Wakabayashi / Manager Satoshi Naganuma Construction Engineering Section Engineering Engineering Dept. Tunnel maintenance management system utilizing MR technology (Tunnel MR)
Mr. Hirokazu Shimazaki, System Development Department, Japan Land Evaluation System Co., Ltd. Introduction of cloud-based fixed asset evaluation system using GeoCloud
Microsoft Japan Japan Microsoft Technology Center Evangelist Atsushi Suzuki / Consumer & Device Sales
HoloLens Global Sales Partner Sales Executive
Toru Muranaka
`` Microsoft HoloLens '' to create innovative business
Yoichi Ochiai, President, Pixie Dust Technologies Co., Ltd. Audio-visual tactile technology for diversity
Hiroyuki Endo, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of GIS NEXT Trends in G space viewed from GIS journal coverage

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