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Past Speakers: Spatial Information Symposium 2017

Introducing speakers from previous symposiums (in any order).
・ Keynotes, special lectures, lectures, case studies, etc. are all listed.
・ The affiliation and title of the speaker are those at the time of the lecture.

Speakers of Spatial Information Symposium 2017

Speakers (in any order, titles are as they were at the time of the lecture) Lecture title
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Information Distribution Administration Bureau Regional Communication Promotion Division Kato Tax Toward the implementation of regional IoT
Chie Exit Introduction of the evolved web map "Geographical Institute Map"
Hiroshi Goto, Traffic Accident Analyst, Traffic Planning Division, Transportation Department, Shiga Prefectural Police Headquarters How to use GIS for effective traffic accident deterrent measures
Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Urban Environmental Studies Architecture City Course
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences
Professor of Urban Systems Science
Hidenori Tamagawa, President, Geographic Information Systems Society
Future of city Future of GIS
Osamu Sudo, Professor, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Informatics AI networks and social impact
Kansai University Faculty of Environment and Urban Engineering Associate Professor
Deputy Director, Research Center for Social and Spatial Information Sciences, Kansai University Satoshi Kubota
Possibility of "Social Spatial Information Science" by Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration
Nobuyoshi Yabuki, Professor, Department of Environment and Energy Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University Building a Future Society with Cyber ​​Physical Spatial Infrastructure
Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies Department of Social and Environmental Studies Geography
Keiichi Okunuki, Associate Professor
Expectations for geospatial information for citizens
Specially Appointed Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology Demonstration experiment of regional cooperation type disaster prevention measures utilizing geospatial information
Nuclear Safety Technology Center, Nuclear Safety Department
Mr. Haruhiko Tomun, Group Leader
Development of wide area evacuation database system in case of nuclear disaster
Gifu Prefectural Construction Research Center Gifu Prefectural Geographic Information Center
Deputy Director Takamori Yatsushiro
Supporting local government operations by utilizing G spatial information and mobile terminals
NEC Corporation Yoshihiro Mizuguchi General Manager, Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Promotion Division Public safety for the future in 2020
Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. Transportation Infrastructure Business Unit Information Systems Department
Mr. Takashi Nakamura, Disaster Prevention and Forest Environment Office
Future of forest information revealed from the development of forest cloud demonstration system
Hiroyuki Endo, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of GIS NEXT Trends in G space viewed from GIS journal coverage

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