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Past Speakers: Spatial Information Symposium 2015

Introducing speakers from previous symposiums (in any order).
・ Keynotes, special lectures, lectures, case studies, etc. are all listed.
・ The affiliation and title of the speaker are those at the time of the lecture.

Speakers of Spatial Information Symposium 2015

Speakers (in any order, titles are as they were at the time of the lecture) Lecture title
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab Director Joichi Ito The impact of IT and the Internet on Innovation and Science
(The impact of IT and the Internet in the fields of innovation and science)
Kengo Kuma, architect and professor at the University of Tokyo Place power
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Information Distribution Administration Bureau Regional Communications Promotion Division Manager (Okinawa Information and Communications Promotion Office Director) Takuro Imagawa G space x ICT and regional revitalization
Hidenori Fujimura, Manager, Information Dissemination Section, Geographical Spatial Information Department, Geographical Survey Institute, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Aiming to spread web map technology to GIS through provision of Geographical Institute tiles
Naoya Sugimoto, Chief, OA Efficiency Team, Technology Management Section, Construction Support Bureau, Transportation Infrastructure Department, Shizuoka Prefecture The role of GIS in the age of information assets
Maebashi City Policy Department Information Policy Division Naohiko Seko What is required of GIS now-A case study of GIS in Maebashi City-
Suginami City Urban Development Department Civil Management Division Business support and information sharing using integrated GIS during large-scale disasters
Shutaro Yamada, Information Policy Coordinator, Information Policy Division, Toyonaka City General Affairs Department Construction and utilization of WebGIS in Toyonaka City
Miyazaki-shi Board of Education School facilities section facility maintenance section chief Yoshitsugu Kanai Efficiency of normal and disaster work by making geospatial information into tablets
Makoto Onizuka, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University Big data analysis using graph mining technology
Professor Takashi Oguchi, Director, Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo History and future prospects of Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Hideyuki Shimada, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Okayama University of Science Construction of 3D model of road by MMS and its application
Professor Naohisa Takahashi, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology Amplifier of cognitive map -Possibility and problem of Web map-
Mr. Kiyoyuki Sugiyama, Deputy Director, Gifu Prefectural Geographic Information Center, Gifu Prefectural Construction Research Center Innovative use of administrative information with GIS
Nobuhiro Endo, President and Representative Director, NEC Corporation Orchestrating a brighter world Connecting the thoughts of the world to the future.

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