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Past Speakers: Spatial Information Symposium 2011

Introducing speakers from previous symposiums (in any order).
・ Keynotes, special lectures, lectures, case studies, etc. are all listed.
・ The affiliation and title of the speaker are those at the time of the lecture.

Speakers of Spatial Information Symposium 2011

Speakers (in any order, titles are as they were at the time of the lecture) Lecture title
Mr. Naoya Sugimoto, OA Efficiency Team, Technology Management Section, Construction Support Bureau, Transportation Infrastructure Department, Shizuoka Prefecture Utilization of electronic delivery data using GIS
Mr. Mitsunori Okano, Engineer, Facility Maintenance, Miyazaki Prefecture Rural Development Section Application examples of GIS during foot-and-mouth disease and disaster (Shinmoedake eruption)
Kita-ku Town Planning Department Town Planning Promotion Section Chief Judge Yoichi Wada Multipurpose use of spatial information and examples of use in community development projects
Amagasaki City Fire Bureau Information Directive Division Fukaji Doda Fire spread simulation running on GIS for effective fire tactics deployment
Katsumi Nakano, Technical Coordinator, Nagoya City Water and Sewerage Bureau How to use IT in disaster prevention and business continuity learning from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Mr. Yoshitsugu Kanai, Chief and Chief, Miyazaki City Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau Sewerage Facilities Section Exploring the use of safety and security with GIS
Masaru Matsuzaki, Assistant General Manager, Maintenance and Management G, Civil Engineering Division, Construction Department, Nishio City Utilization of GIS in Construction Division XNUMX of Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture
Mr. Akira Yamamoto, Chief, Civic Collaboration Division, Planning Division, Kamisu City Reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake and future disaster prevention
Mizusato Net Chiba Mizusato Net Chiba (Chiba Prefectural Federation of Land Improvement Corporations) Mizusato Information Center Maruwa Fumi Investigation and development of utilization of farmland spatial information using GIS
Osamu Sudo, Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, The University of Tokyo The future of cloud computing and community governance
Yasushi Asami, Professor, Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo The future of urban planning and spatial information
Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering Department of Computational Science and Engineering
Nobuo Kawaguchi, Professor, Advanced Computing Environment Group, Fundamental Computing Science Location-dependent information service based on wireless LAN location estimation technology
Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School, Division of Engineering
Kenji Watanabe, Professor, Risk Management Center, Disaster Prevention and Safety Division
Future Business Continuity Management (BCM) Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Mr. Mitsuyoshi Urashima, Director, Pediatrics Laboratory, Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo Global health past, present and future
Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Kogakuin University
Director, Urban Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Research Institute
Mr. Yoshiaki Hisada, Director, TKK Cooperation Center
Reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake and future disaster prevention
Akihiro Shibayama, Assistant Professor, Disaster Control Research Center, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University Reconstruction support for the Great East Japan Earthquake and future disaster prevention
Terako Usui, Professor, Department of Geography, Nara University Importance of GIS utilization and pairing support of local governments in the Great East Japan Earthquake
Professor, Department of Urban Design Engineering, Osaka Institute of Technology / Dr. Makoto Yoshikawa, President, Geographic Information Systems Society Rediscovering landscape resources by integrating geospatial information
Sunbridge Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO Allen Miner Initiatives of the IT industry with a focus on Japan's economic recovery and global markets
Kashima Construction Co., Ltd.
Tatsuya Okamoto, Senior Researcher, Engineering Association, Japan
Development of a maintenance system for Tokyo International Airport runway D
Mr. Yuzo Iida, Representative Director, Transportation Technology Development Institute, Inc. Utilization of GIS in input data creation of micro traffic simulation
NEC Corporation Central Business Continuity Response Headquarters Hori Tadashi A disaster information sharing system that enables business continuity that is competitive with disasters, and an assembling and returning home support map
Mr. Takeo Asanuma, Manager, Technology Research and Development Center, Toa Construction Industry Co., Ltd. Development of a maintenance system for Tokyo International Airport runway D
Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. Eiji Terada Leader, Solution Development Team, Alliance Consulting Laboratory, Alliance Consulting Business Unit Marketing using GIS of T point service

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