Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is it possible to join from a web browser without installing the Zoom application?

The Zoom application is recommended, but you can also watch it from your web browser.

Can multiple people from the same company or department apply?

There is no problem if you apply for more than one person from the same company or department.
If you plan to participate, please apply with each person (one e-mail address per person).

Is it possible for multiple people to watch with an application for one person?

Please refrain from forwarding or sharing as it will be a URL exclusively for registered users.
If you plan to participate, please apply with each person (one e-mail address per person).

Can I ask questions to the speakers?

Please ask questions using zoom's chat function during the lecture.
We will reply within the lecture time.We may not be able to introduce you due to the lecture time.Please note.
Please be assured that the questioner and the content of the chat will not be disclosed to other viewers.

What are the security measures such as setting the passcode for the meeting?

The Zoom account that we use for distribution is our contract with Zoom.
We will send the viewing URL by e-mail to the customers who registered for the Spatial Information Symposium.
Only customers who have registered in advance and received the viewing URL can participate.

Can I record the content of the lecture?

Recording and shooting of lectures and product introductions in the spatial information symposium is strictly prohibited.
Also, please refrain from giving lectures and posting product introductions on SNS or external websites.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Are you planning to distribute the lecture materials?

The lecture materials will be released to those who wish after the lecture.
Some materials cannot be published.Please note.

There is a schedule on the day of the event and you cannot watch it. Will there be an archive distribution at a later date?

After the lecture, we plan to distribute the archive.We will contact you shortly regarding the application method and period for archive distribution.
Some lectures will be given only on the day of the symposium.Please note.

I can't watch online lectures in-house

2021/07/14 (Wednesday) XR Day will hold live viewing and informatics product experience sessions in the Shinagawa conference room.
Seats are limited, so if you wish, please apply as soon as possible.

I don't know the specifications of PCs and smartphones that can watch zoom

Please refer to the support provided by zoom below for the recommended viewing specifications of zoom.

Can I issue a certificate of attendance?

This event is a contribution achievement point of the Geographic Information System GIS Qualification Association
It is a learning program for surveying CPD points of the Japan Surveying Association.You can also issue a certificate of attendance to apply for record registration of construction CPD points of the Construction Consultants Association.
If you would like a certificate of attendance, please complete the questionnaire that will be sent to you at the URL at the end of both days.
After the event, the secretariat will check the viewing status and send you a certificate by email.

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