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Informatics XR products


Realize on-site work efficiency with MR technology! "Gyro Eye Holo" is a package solution for Mixed Reality that utilizes Microsoft's HoloLens.Customer ...

Digital map system "GC JS Base" that anyone can use on-site with a web browser


Bottom-up organizational reform by utilizing data in the field "GC JSBase" visualizes various data on a map and enables various activities using the data in the field.The data is managed in the cloud, so ...

DX reform of field survey / site inspection "GC Planets -Paper map survey support function plug-in-"


"GC Planets -Paper map survey support function plug-in-", a system specializing in field surveys and site inspections that integrates analog and digital, simply scans the information entered on the paper map and converts the drawn lines and information into data as it is. This ...

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Informatics Product Overview Material


Introduced at the Spatial Information Symposium, ・ GeoConic GCPlanets ・ GeoCloud JSBase ・ This is a material that introduces the outline of sis.For product details, please refer to the material of each product ...

"Service outline and utilization examples of the quasi-zenith satellite system" Michibiki "" Lecture by Yusuke Kawada, Space Development Strategy Promotion Secretariat, Cabinet Office.High-precision positioning x MR technology cooperation promotes construction DX!


The quasi-zenith satellite system "MICHIBIKI" currently provides high-precision positioning services with a system of four aircraft.The Cabinet Office is conducting demonstration experiments toward the practical application of new services and new technologies in order to support companies considering new uses of MICHIBIKI ...

What to do Construction DX!Lecture "Construction DX will change the way of working in design, construction, and maintenance" (Construction IT journalist Ryuta Ieiri), which introduces many on-site cases using cutting-edge digital technology, is now accepting applications!


In the construction industry, in addition to solving the problem of labor shortage, there is a need for a new way of working that avoids the three crowds due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection.In addition, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will BI for all public works except small-scale works by 3 ...

What is a "self-employed 5G communication network" that can be built and used by companies and local governments?Lectures (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) on "local 5G", which is expected to be used for solving regional and business issues, are now accepting applications!


2020G (3th generation mobile communication system) featuring "ultra-high-speed communication" and "ultra-low latency", which major domestic carriers started providing services in March 5.With the spread of compatible terminals, the use of 5G is expected to expand in the future. 5G ...

If you are dealing with 3D data, don't miss it!Mr. Yuya Uchiyama, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism "About Project PLATEAU of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism-Achievements and future efforts of 3D city model", application is being accepted!


Many of you may be familiar with "PLATEAU," a project to promote the development, open data, and utilization of 3D city models nationwide led by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.Data on target cities will be released in sequence * 1, country ...

GIS software "SIS" with high extensibility and customizability


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WebGIS service for geography education "Geographic Maps"


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