The Spatial Information Symposium 2 has ended with the participation of many people for two days.
Thank you to everyone who participated.
We sincerely hope that all the wonderful lectures presented at the symposium will be useful for your work and research.

Spatial Information Symposium 2021 Online

"Spatial Information SymposiumIs an event sponsored by informatics with the aim of improving the efficiency of operations in each field, improving services, and revitalizing the region by promoting the spread of spatial information systems.
Since 1996, many customers have visited us every year and have been well received.

This year, which is the 26th year, we will hold a live stream to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
We are very sorry that we did not have the opportunity to meet with all of our customers, but even distant customers who had difficulty attending at the real event can participate without difficulty, so please join us!

In holding

The "Spatial Information Symposium," which has continued for more than a quarter of a century, has been held online this year as well as last year.In the conventional group format, it was a great pleasure for our employees to be able to interact with customers at the exhibition corner.Of course, you will not be able to communicate directly with customers online, which is a bit lonely, but on the other hand, it has the advantage of being able to remove distance and time constraints and deliver content.
We have been discussing with the staff what kind of content should be delivered to everyone and how to take advantage of the characteristics of online.One of the solutions is live distribution, which is held on multiple days by theme.I thought that live distribution would give you a sense of realism and excitement like a collective format, and that by theme, you could deliver a lot of content smarter.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of our founding. We hope that the "Spatial Information Symposium 2021" will serve as a hint for solving business problems and, by extension, help solve social problems.

Daichi Saito, President and CEO of Informatics Co., Ltd.

Overview of Spatial Information Symposium 2021

We will delve into different themes in the two-day schedule.

Date and Time
Tuesday, July 2021, 7 13: 13-00: 17 DX-Day
Wednesday, July 2021, 7 14: 13-00: 17 XR-Day
Venue Online format
Entry fee Free pre-registration format


We would like to ask various speakers to talk about what kind of digital transformation is happening in society, focusing on geospatial information.

Keynote speech

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
RIKEN Quantum Computer Research Center
Deputy Director
Akira Furusawa


"Large-scale photon computer using quantum teleportation"

We are aiming to realize a large-scale error-tolerant general-purpose photon computer by using the deterministic quantum teleportation method that we have realized for the first time in the world.The heart of this method is the "quantum lookup table", which is a special quantum entangled state called the cluster state. We pursued this large-scale and high-performance method by using the time domain multiplexing method we developed. doing.We will talk about these in this symposium.

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今,AR-MRWe will introduce what kind of transformation technology is bringing (or can bring) to construction sites, with examples.

Keynote speech

Representative Director of Yeri Lab Co., Ltd.
Construction IT journalist
Ryuta Ieiri



"Construction DX will change the way we work in design, construction, and maintenance."

In the construction industry, the problem of labor shortage has become a new issue, "prevention of three densities" due to corona damage.The promising solution is teleworking on-site work.Furthermore, with the introduction of AI (artificial intelligence) and robots, we will move on to digital transformation (DX).We will explain the future working style of the construction industry based on domestic and overseas cases.

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Informatics MR experience meeting

In addition, on 2021/07/14 (Wednesday) XR-Day, an MR experience session will be held at the TKP Shinagawa Conference Center.
A solution using Microsoft's HoloLens provided by Informatics Co., Ltd., "GyroEye Holo""XRoss field noteYou can experience.
You can watch the spatial information symposium in the seminar room while waiting for the experience, so please feel free to join us.



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