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Spatial Information Symposium 2021,
It ended with great success

The Spatial Information Symposium is an event that introduces the latest trends and application examples of spatial information technology.

In addition to lectures by experts and case presentations by users using our system, we started in 1996 as an event that brings together products and demonstrations of our company, partner companies, and related organizations for the purpose of promoting the utilization of geospatial information. Did.

This year, the 26th time, we will deliver online lectures by theme (DX of geospatial information GIS, XR such as construction AR / MR) for 2 days.

We asked researchers, people in charge of central ministries, and people in charge of corporate systems to talk about initiatives and examples of new technologies, and introduced examples of using our solutions and product information.

On the second day, 2/7 (Wednesday), live viewing and a hands-on experience of the latest Mixed Reality products will also be held.

In addition to experiencing the MR solutions "GyroEye Holo" and "XRoss field note" provided by informatics on the actual machine, we had them watch live in the seminar room while waiting for the experience.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the viewing and real experience event!

Spatial Information Symposium 2021 Click here for details such as lecture programs


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