GIS software "SIS"

SIS is a highly expandable GIS (Geographic Information System) product that can handle everything from map creation / editing, spatial analysis, to application development.

It has high flexibility and operability, including support for about 300 types of map data formats, and is used in fields such as administration, police, infrastructure, electric power, telecommunications, and business.View the features and lineup of SIS >>

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No data conversion required! About 300 types of map data can be read directly

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What is GIS

GIS is an abbreviation of "Geographic Information System", which means a system that can edit, search, analyze, and manage information by superimposing information on an electronic map.

What is GIS (Geographic Information System) | See Glossary


Features of GIS


Since the information is digitized, you can quickly find the information you need.

Collective management

Since information scattered throughout the organization can be centrally managed, duplicate costs, labor, and information discrepancies that occur when creating and updating maps and ledgers for each department can be reduced.


Since information can be visually expressed (visualized), the relationship between location information and other information can be intuitively grasped, which is useful for advanced analysis and policy formulation.

Use scene

GIS is used in various fields including the following.

  • Management of maintenance and inspection information of infrastructure structures
  • Equipment restoration support after a disaster
  • Support for improving the efficiency of administrative work
  • Health care, visualization of infection information, simulation
  • Management of agricultural land information, measures against damage to birds and beasts
  • Delivery route optimization
  • Management of real estate property information

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