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System engineer, programmer, technical support staff


System engineer, programmer (recruitment target: university, junior college, college of technology)

  1. Knowledge of Windows / Linux, iOS, Android, RDBMS (OracleSQLServer, MySQL, etc.) and development experience
  2. Knowledge of Java, .NET, JavaScript, development experience
  3. Project management experience
  4. Those who are interested in GIS, CAD, RDBMS, cloud, etc.
  5. Experience in civil engineering, government office work, geographic analysis work such as area marketing, Web related work

How to Apply

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(We are recruiting year round. Please feel free to contact us if you can't change jobs right now.)
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Flow from entry to job offer

Introducing the steps from entry (registration) to job offer and joining the company.

  1. entry
  2. Document screening
  3. Interviews (multiple times): Please bring a copy of your resume, job history, and disability certificate.
  4. Job offer / join

* The interview venue and date and time will be adjusted each time. The time until the next step is about one week.
* Writing test will be conducted only for those who applied for system engineer and programmer.
* If there is something to be considered in the selection method, etc., please indicate that in the remarks column when entering.

Selection place

Head Office (Kawasaki)

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