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Informatics has been providing unique and innovative software since its establishment in 1981.
Under the slogan of "Spatial Information Innovation Company that Creates the Future," we will continue to contribute to solving various social issues with our high technological and proposal capabilities.

Would you like to create the future with spatial information technology together with us?

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Job openings

Informatics is looking for diverse human resources to suit individual career plans.
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How to Apply

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Flow from entry to job offer

The steps from entry (registration) to job offer / joining are as follows.

  1. entry
  2. Document screening
  3. IT aptitude test (engineer occupation only)
  4. Primary selection (interview): Please submit your resume in advance.
  5. Interview with officers (with 15-minute speech)
  6. Job offer / join

* The interview venue and date and time will be adjusted each time. The time until the next step is about one week.
* If there is something to be considered in the selection method, etc., please indicate that in the remarks column when entering.


Selection place


What kind of company is informatics?

You can see in detail the business contents of informatics, Shigoto, people in the middle, the message of the president, etc. at the following site.

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