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GIS (Geographic Information System)|GeoConic・GeoCloud

GeoConic and GeoCloud are powerful and flexible GIS (Geographic Information Systems) that support the construction of business applications according to customers' usage applications and environments.

We have a rich API and basic applications, including high performance, cross-platform, support for various usage patterns. It is used for business support in a wide range of fields, such as government offices and local governments, social infrastructure, business, and security and security.

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GIS (Geographic Information System) | SIS

SIS is a highly scalable all-in-one GIS (geographic information system) that can handle a wide range of tasks, from map creation/editing to advanced analysis/analysis, map data management, and application development.

Its flexible and powerful functions and excellent operability, including support for various types of map data formats, are highly evaluated and widely used in the fields of government, police, infrastructure, power, communications, and business.

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XR system | GyroEye

GyroEye is a system that synthesizes and displays 3D CAD data, drawings and information in real space using wearable terminals (Microsoft HoloLens), smartphones and tablets.

We support indoor and outdoor equipment design, construction, maintenance, and DX conversion in the construction field.

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Railway DX support app | ShareSnap Railway Crisis Management

ShareSnap (Share Snap) Railway Crisis Management” is a DX promotion tool for railway operators that supports quick decision-making for recovery plans in the event of an accident/disaster and improved operational efficiency such as daily facility inspections.

"Just take a picture" automatically acquires location information and shooting direction, and plots it on the map.Equipped with functions for recording the date and time, and creating and editing memos, it is possible to complement information that cannot be conveyed through photographs alone.

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Web3D Viewer | 3D-Bucket

3D-Bucket is a Web3D viewer system that can display wide-area, large-capacity 3D data in a browser at high speed.

By simply registering your 3D model data and 3D point cloud data in the cloud, you can share and manage 3D data, superimpose it on maps, and measure distances and areas.

Live images such as those from surveillance cameras can be incorporated, and it can be linked with a geographic information system (GIS), so it can be used for multifaceted situation analysis.

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General-purpose CAD|MicroGDS

MicroGDS is a high-performance general-purpose 2D/3D CAD that handles everything from planning and execution design to presentation, CG creation, cost estimation/analysis, and application development.

Not limited to mere CAD, it is active in a wide range of fields such as application to architectural design, structure, and equipment, civil engineering design, and infrastructure design and maintenance such as electric power, gas, and water.

It is widely used by construction companies, design offices, housing manufacturers, educational institutions, etc.

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3D Paint Rendering | Piranesi

Piranesi is a masking-free 2D paint rendering system that allows you to easily apply various colors to 3D images and 3D models.

With versatile expressive power, simple and light operability, and smooth linkage with other CAD software and paint software, it enables speedy finishing and attractive presentations.

We support the speedy creation of CG perspectives for construction companies, design offices, and housing manufacturers. Winner of the 2002 Good Design Award.

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