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Some pages on this website use cookies and other tracking technologies. Cookies are a mechanism by which a web server stores and manages character string information for managing and identifying the accessing user in the user's browser. Some pages on this website can use this to recognize your browser and provide you with appropriate services the next time you use it.

Depending on your browser settings, you can refuse to receive cookies or display a warning when you receive a cookie. However, in that case, some functions of this website may not be available.

This website has pages that collect log data on the status of access to this website. The log data includes information such as the domain name of the viewer, the IP address (a number that can identify the computer being used), the type of browser, and the URL of the access source. These log data are used only for the maintenance and management of this website and for statistical analysis of usage. However, this does not apply to cases where a request for disclosure is made by a judicial investigative agency through regular procedures based on laws and regulations. We may also publish aggregated information that statistically processes these log data, but does not include information that can identify individual customers.

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