Media coverage: Bank of Tottori adopts financial map system

Tottori Silver adopts financial map system

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Tottori Bank has adopted a map system provided by Informatics for financial institutions, the "Map Information System for Regional Financial Institutions," and has been in operation at its headquarters and all branches. The system has already been adopted by 10 institutions, including city banks, regional banks, and shinkin banks.

By linking with CRM (customer management system), various information on CRM such as transaction status with customers can be displayed on the map. The map is displayed at high speed and smoothly with our original high-speed drawing technology. Various statistical data and customer lists can be easily imported in Excel data format, and it has a reputation for visualizing customer information from various angles.

Tottori Bank will link its existing CRM with a map system, and will be able to see customers with few transactions based on their transaction balance and strengthen their proposals.

Also, customer information can be obtained and input from a map. You can check the negotiation history and input a new case from the pin (customer) displayed on the map.

In addition, the visit schedule created by CRM is displayed on the map as a visit route. Display on the map as a route. Pins (customers) in the vicinity of the route can be added to the schedule of visits, and the efficiency of overall sales operations can be improved.
(From an article in the Nikkin March 2016, 3 issue)

Product Summary

The product outline of "Map Information System for Regional Financial Institutions" is as follows.

  • Provides dozens of functions as package functions, such as generating customer points from CIF address information, narrowing search, tabulation, and theme drawing
  • Generating customer information can be mapped on a map from address information in Microsoft Excel or CSV file
  • Can provide map data from various manufacturers depending on the application
  • Comfortable operation with overwhelming processing speed even for large-scale data
  • Close cooperation with CRM enables both headquarters and sales offices to make effective use of "maps" to improve business efficiency
  • Data used in the system can be maintained by financial institutions themselves
  • It can be used in other departments and various fields such as BCP formulation by system expansion
  • Operable and operable on general business PCs
  • Can be purchased from one license

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