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Announcement of the latest version 8.0 release of GIS software "SIS"

Announcement of the latest version 8.0 release of GIS software "SIS"

2015th of February 1
Informatix Inc.

Informatics, Inc. (Head office: 1310 Muza Kawasaki Central Tower, 27 Omiyacho, Yuki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa) Shoichi Mihara, President & CEO, announced the release of the latest version 8.0 of the GIS software "SIS". .

"SIS" is a geographic information system that has been widely used since its launch in 1995 in the highly public areas such as government, police and fire departments, social infrastructure, construction and civil engineering, area marketing, education and research. In this version upgrade, many requests from users are reflected, and many functions that support further improvement of business efficiency are implemented.

In SIS 8.0, processing speed has been improved, a unique ribbon tab creation function, a new 3D display function, a new theme map, new functions and APIs have been added, and new data formats have been supported.

Informatics will continue to work on developing optimal products that meet the various needs of customers while incorporating new technologies in the IT field into systems.

Key new features

・ Realizes comfortable performance
-Improved drawing speed
-Improve data read processing speed and ease of use
-Original ribbon tab creation function
-New 3D display function
-Touch panel compatible

・ Sophisticated map expression
-Various theme map expression functions
-Compatible with Japan Geodetic System 2011
-Supports about 30 new data formats, such as the Geographical Institute tile

・ Enhancement of customization function
-Added about 50 functions
-Added 15 API methods
-Implement batch processing by process function
-Supports Python programming

Learn more about the new features in SIS 8.0.

About sales

・ Shipping will start on January 2015, 1.
Free version upgrade kit for users who have any of the following licenses
-Licenses that currently have a SIS software support service contract
-License that had a SIS software support service contract as of November 2014, 11
-With the release of SIS 8.0, support for SIS 7.0 and GeognoSIS 7.0 ended on January 2015, 1.
・ Sold via Informatics Head Office (Kawasaki), Osaka Sales Office, Nagoya Sales Office, and Business Partners.


◎ About Informatics, Inc.
Since its establishment in 1981, Infomatics Co., Ltd. has continued to grow as a system integrator that develops, sells, and maintains CAD / CG systems and GIS (geographic information systems) for construction and civil engineering. Headquarters (Kawasaki City), It is a company consisting of a total of about 180 employees at the Osaka and Nagoya sales offices.We have a large number of installation records in domestic central government offices, local governments, computer makers, think tanks, aerial survey companies, electric power companies, housing makers, general contractors, design offices, etc.

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Informatics Co., Ltd.
212-0014 1310 Omiyacho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi MUZA Kawasaki Central Tower 27F
TEL : 044-520-0851 FAX : 044-520-0845

[Map data source] Digital map 25000 (map image), digital map 25000 (spatial data base), digital map 50m mesh (elevation) and base with the approval of the GSI Using map information. (Approval No. Heisei 21 Business Envoy No. 116)

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