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Launch of high-speed and high-accuracy map matching service-Correct correction of point and route information on maps collected by in-vehicle cameras and IoT-

Started high-speed and high-accuracy map matching service
-Correct correction of point and route information on maps collected by vehicle cameras and IoT-

Informatix Inc.

Infomatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Shoichi Mihara) collects latitude and longitude position information collected by GPS (Global Positioning System) such as mobile phones, in-vehicle cameras, and car navigation systems at high speed and with high accuracy. Start a map matching cloud service that corrects to.

Our map matching technology has already been adopted by major automobile manufacturers, and we aim to make it easier for more users to map match in the future by turning that technology into a cloud service. We would like to start providing the service by March 2019.

Current issues

Recently, AI such as autonomous driving, voice translation, and image recognition is rapidly advancing, and IoT big data, which is the basic material for it, is required, but if not only the quantity but also the quality of the data is high, machine learning High results cannot be expected in terms of efficiency and accuracy rate of statistical analysis.

The same applies to location information, and since there is a large error with just the latitude and longitude collected by GPS, the range of utilization will be limited as it is.Therefore, position correction technology such as differentials is required, but the number of compatible machines is small and expensive.The time interval for acquiring location information is also an issue.

For example, in the case of a mobile phone, considering the battery consumption, the interval to take a position from GPS tends to be long, but the longer the interval of time to acquire location information, the farther away, so I think that I passed. The number of candidate roads will increase, and the correct answer rate will decrease accordingly.

Even after the full-scale operation of the quasi-zenith satellite "MICHIBIKI", which was announced the other day, these issues are effective in the old version or the inexpensive simplified version whose equipment is not compatible with "MICHIBIKI". Can't get

Therefore, map matching is required to estimate the roads that have passed, but with conventional technology, there are problems such as slow processing speed, low accuracy rate, and the need to develop software for map matching in the first place. I can think of it.

Therefore, map matching is an indispensable technology not only for AI leading companies but also for startup companies.

Application scene

Taxi users

In recent years, with the spread of smartphone apps, the number of people who use the ride-hailing app when calling a taxi may be increasing.

Because the GPS position is inaccurate, there is a gap between the place where the user is waiting and the place where the taxi arrived, and they pass each other, and as a result, few people have experienced that they could not take a taxi. Isn't it a taxi?

Taxi operators

It seems that taxi companies also have a need to utilize AI to dispatch smart vehicles.However, even if you want to install GPS on a taxi vehicle, accumulate driving history data of veteran drivers, analyze log data of when, when, and on which road there were many passengers, and use it for smart vehicle allocation. Due to GPS errors, it is often not possible to connect correctly to the road you have taken.

Even if you collect location information, if it is not correct, it cannot be used for training new drivers or analyzing ride demand forecasts.

Average consumer

In 2017, after the accident caused by high-speed driving on a highway was highlighted in the media, interest in in-vehicle cameras (drive recorders) grew at a stretch and the spread of the technology was spurred. There are many in-vehicle cameras equipped with simple GPS.

Also, in the sports and leisure scenes such as marathon, cycling, and touring, many people enjoy looking back at the location information recorded on their smartphones and smart watches.

Our development technology and service

In this way, the number of opportunities to easily obtain location information is increasing, but map matching technology is required to use that information correctly.

Our map matching method is not a simple process of simply matching GPS position information to the nearest road, but a number of information such as the position of several places before and after and the time information, the angle at the intersection, etc. It is a technique for estimating the traffic route based on the

By converting this technology to a cloud service, we plan to provide a low cost map matching service to more users, regardless of research, business, or consumers. In addition, we plan to provide application linking services to vehicle allocation application development companies.

Future prospects

Going forward, we will develop comprehensive transportation profiling technology not only for road users but also for correction and analysis of travel information by rail.

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