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Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Introduces Informatics "Map Information System for Regional Financial Institutions"

Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Introduces Informatics "Map Information System for Regional Financial Institutions"

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Informatics Co., Ltd., a provider of map information systems (Head office: 1310 Muza Kawasaki Central Tower 27F, Omiyacho 3, Kouki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan; President and CEO Shoichi Mihara) will launch a packaged product called "Map Information System for Regional Financial Institutions" on March 27. Was introduced at the Kawasaki Shinkin Bank. In addition to the Tokyo metropolitan area, we are negotiating with financial institutions in Tokai, Kansai, China, and Shikoku for the introduction, and we are looking forward to seeing more hiring institutions.

Based on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Economic Census," the system displays information such as the address of business establishments and the age of customers of financial institutions on a map, realizing "visualization" of data that is not just numbers and letters. Areas where you can expect to get deposits and loans can be pinned and colored for marketing analysis. Map data is provided by Increment P, a company that handles map fans.

It can be delivered in about two weeks and can be purchased from one license. No special capital investment is required for installation, and it can be operated on a PC terminal with about 2 GB of memory. Another advantage is that operation does not drop even when the amount of data handled increases.

Customer information is imported from an Excel file or CSV and automatically mapped on a map based on address information. All attribute information is also inherited and can be analyzed for each financial institution. (From an article published in the Nikkin April 2015, 4 issue)

Product Summary

The product outline of "Map Information System for Regional Financial Institutions" is as follows.

  • Provides dozens of functions as package functions, such as generating customer points from CIF address information, narrowing search, tabulation, and theme drawing
  • Generating customer information can be mapped on a map from address information in Microsoft Excel or CSV file
  • Can provide map data from various manufacturers depending on the application
  • Comfortable operation with overwhelming processing speed even for large-scale data
  • Close cooperation with CRM enables both headquarters and sales offices to make effective use of "maps" to improve business efficiency
  • Data used in the system can be maintained by financial institutions themselves
  • It can be used in other departments and various fields such as BCP formulation by system expansion
  • Operable and operable on general business PCs
  • Can be purchased from one license

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Since its establishment in 1981, Infomatics Co., Ltd. has continued to grow as a system integrator that develops, sells, and maintains CAD / CG systems and GIS (geographic information systems) for construction and civil engineering. Headquarters (Kawasaki City), It is a company consisting of a total of about 180 employees at the Osaka and Nagoya sales offices.We have a large number of installation records in domestic central government offices, local governments, computer makers, think tanks, aerial survey companies, electric power companies, housing makers, general contractors, design offices, etc.

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