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[News Release] Unorganized Information on a Map-Approximately 28 crime occurrence information nationwide can be seen in "GC Data"-

Free iPhone / iPad app, web service for Android / PC "GC Data Crime Occurrence Map" released

January 2020, 3
Informatix Inc.

Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City; Representative Director: Daichi Saito) has been able to analyze and visualize location information from unsorted information, using GC Data technology to collect approximately 28 crime occurrence information nationwide. Announcing the launch of the "GC Data Crime Occurrence Map" visualized on a map.

back ground

Prefectural police throughout Japan have begun to open information on crime occurrence information. However, since open data includes unorganized information such as email text, there was a problem that it was difficult to visualize it on a map as it was.

Informatics has accumulated map data creation technology and know-how for many years.

Against this background, with the aim of helping the general public safely and safely, the crime occurrence data created using our proprietary technology “GC Data” is now being used for smartphone applications and the web service “GC Data Crime”. It is now provided on the "Generation Map".


1. Display on the map

The "GC Data Crime Occurrence Map" converts sentences of the following crime occurrence information into map data using "GC Data" technology, and displays it on a map using the iPhone / iPad application and Android / PC web service.

On Thursday, November 2018, 11, at around 08:4 pm, there was a spotlight near 3-Chome, Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

2. Provision of map data

The "GC Data" technology can convert text into map data that can be used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). By using the converted map data as it is, it is possible to analyze crime occurrence trends in GIS and use it for prediction and countermeasures.

On Thursday, November 2018, 11, around 08:4 pm, there was a spot near 3-Chome, Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.

"GC Data" converts ordinary text into data that can be used in GIS

Around 3-Chome, Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 35.721502 139.713796 Follow 20181108 16:00

Application example

"GC Data" enables spatial analysis by mapping (visualizing) unorganized information and can be used for various business applications.

For example, a "security smartphone application", a "Web service for visualizing sales reports on a map", and a "facility management smartphone application" can be realized. It can also be used for consumer applications and web services.

How to use GC Data crime occurrence map

Crime Occurrence Map Please go to "Download from App Store" on the web page, then download and use the app.
・ Criminal outbreak map WEB page

Future prospects

"GC Data" is a unique informatics technology brand that makes information previously difficult to visualize on a map. Going forward, we will aim to provide services using GC Data technology not only in the field of safety and security but also in other business fields.

About Informatics

Informatics Co., Ltd. has been growing since its establishment in 1981 as a system integrator that provides development, sales, and maintenance support for CAD and geographic information systems for architecture and design. Its head office (Kawasaki City) and sales office (Osaka, Japan) , Nagoya) with a total of about 190 employees. It has been used in a number of domestic central government offices, local governments, railways / high speeds, electric power, financial institutions, housing manufacturers, general contractors, and design offices.

Company name: Informatics Inc.
Location: 1310 Omiyacho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki 27F, Musa Kawasaki Central Tower
Representative: Daichi Saito, CEO
Founded: September 1981
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・ Sales of software packages, system maintenance and user support
・ Information service, data bank related business
・ Business incidental to or related to the preceding items


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