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[News Release] Released the latest version of MR system for business use, GyroEye 2021.1
Remote presence / deformation investigation MR package XRoss field note released

2021th of February 4
Informatix Inc.


Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, CEO: Daichi Saito) has announced the latest MR package software "GyroEye 2" compatible with Microsoft HoloLens 2021.1 and the remote field / deformation survey MR package "XRoss field note (XRoss field note). We announced that we will release "Cross Yacho".

Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, CEO: Daichi Saito) has announced the latest Mixed Reality (MR) package software "GyroEye 2" compatible with Microsoft HoloLens 2021.1 and a remote presence / deformation survey MR package. We have announced that we will release the XRoss field book (Cross Yacho).

GyroEye, an MR package software, is a mixed reality and augmented reality tool that can project virtual data to the real world through Microsoft HoloLens and iOS terminals for the purpose of construction support at construction sites, productivity improvement, etc. It has been available since January.Since its launch, MR has already been used in actual business by more than 2018 companies, including general contractors and engineering companies, and we have continued development in response to requests from many users.

In this 2021.1 version, there is an attachment function that allows you to easily check the requested materials with AR, a direct adjustment function that allows you to intuitively place and move MR data, and a QR code reference for quickly selecting the data to be read. We have made many improvements such as making a remote tool useful for remote inspection into a Web browser and improving the algorithm of the add-on software TS + that works with Total Station.

In addition, the XRoss field note, which is a remote presence / abnormality investigation MR package released at the same time, is a combination of Microsoft HoloLens 2 and a browser such as a PC, and has three elements: video, drawings, and forms that are important for remote presence and remote inspection. It is an ICT solution that includes.In remote presence, not only the video and the location on the drawing are synchronized, but also by coordinating with each other so that the result measured using a tool such as a digital measure is directly reflected in the form, both the site side and the office side. Reduces the burden on you.

This technology utilizes the budget of the Public-Private R & D Investment Expansion Program (commonly known as PRISM) and is implemented by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism "Project on the introduction and utilization of innovative technology to dramatically improve the productivity of construction sites" It is a function that has been generalized and commercialized in response to the fact that it was demonstrated in the above and the results of remote presence were achieved.On the other hand, in the deformation investigation, if various registrationable legend stamps and legend red writing functions are used to record the deformation of the structure through HoloLens, it will be aggregated in the drawings and lists, so it will change efficiently. It also has a function that allows you to investigate the condition.

We will notify users of the shipping start time of GyroEye 2021.1 from April 4th.In addition, the XRoss field note will start shipping on May 20th.

By providing these latest solutions, Informatics can be used not only for new construction and civil engineering sites but also for maintenance of existing buildings and social infrastructure in order to further promote DX centered on construction sites. We aim to develop useful systems.

Key new features

Holo viewer

  • Added support for viewing the attached file function. (The data converter can now specify a JPG / PNG file when converting GEM data.)
  • In the position adjustment of the placement data, it corresponds to the origin movement by the hold operation and the linear movement on the coordinate axis. (Direct editing function)
  • Added support for downloading and selecting GEM files using QR codes. (Along with this, the QR code recognition method has been improved.)

Remote viewer

  • We have moved from traditional dedicated applications to web browser-based services.As a result, the use of the conventional dedicated application will end on August 2021, 8.Please complete the migration to the latest version by then.
  • You can now write in red from the remote viewer.This makes it possible to intuitively give instructions by writing in red in the space to the GyroEye Holo app on site from the PC browser in the office.
  • Added support for sending PNG / JPG / MP4 / PDF materials from a remote viewer.It is useful for complementing remote communication, such as sending drawings and material materials to the site.

TS +

Fixed an issue where the position was not calculated correctly in the calculation method when calibrating with a pin pole.

TS + controller

The user interface has been completely reviewed to make it easier to use.Along with this, the offset recognition function by AR has been abolished.Also, the problem of poor communication with HoloLens has been improved.

In addition, many functions have been implemented and repaired.

GyroEye Holo 2021.1 Checking the image of the manual with the attached file viewing function


PC red writing function by Web remote viewer: Checking the result of red writing on PC through HoloLens


XRoss Nocho Remote presence: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism China Regional Development Bureau Koryo Tasuke Road Hisamura Daiichi High Bridge PC upper construction
(IHI Infrastructure Construction PRISM Consortium Cooperation)

How to get each product of GyroEye

  • Users with maintenance contracts will receive an email with instructions on how to download GyroEye 2021.1.
  • The TS + controller app will send an email to the purchaser with instructions on how to download it.

Product details of XRoss field note

Shipment start date: Scheduled for May 2021, 5

Product lineup Tax-included price
XRoss field note set package (the following (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) are bundled) 1,155,000 Yen
 (1) XRoss field note (required) 550,000 Yen
 (2) XRoss field note annual maintenance (required) 55,000 Yen
 (3) GyroEye CMS annual usage fee (required) 275,000 Yen
 (4) Digital major * 1 187,000 Yen
 (5) Digital caliper * 2 88,000 Yen
HoloLens 2 + XRoss field note set package 1,540,000 Yen
Trimble XR10 + XRoss field note set package 1,815,000 Yen
  • HoloLens 2, Trimble XR10, Digital Measure *, and Digital Caliper * all include a one-year manufacturer's warranty. (* Consumables are not included in the coverage.)
  • The next year's usage fee for the XRoss fieldnote will be 330,000 yen (tax included) including the XRoss fieldnote annual maintenance and the GyroEye CMS annual usage fee.The GyroEye CMS can be shared with the GyroEye Holo.

Functional overview

  • Remote communication function between HoloLens 2 and PC browser
  • Drawing interlocking function that plots the position of HoloLens 2 on the drawing (drawing compatible format: image such as PNG)
  • Display function of GEM data converted by GyroEye data converter (Some display contents are limited.)
  • Form linkage function that links measurement information to drawings and forms
  • Supports measurement with digital measure * 1, digital caliper * 2, and hand measure
  • Form compatible format: Google spreadsheet, Excel file (xlsx)
  • Legend deformation stamp registration, interlocking placement function in drawings
  • List aggregation and total extension display of legend variant red writing, total area display function, printing function
  • Photo interlocking function that interlocks photos taken from HoloLens 2 in the drawing
  • A function that links the content uttered in HoloLens 2 as text in the drawing

* 1 Compatible products: DDM102-L3 (digital measure body)
* 2 Compatible products: "DKA102 / DOP-021K (Bluetooth unit & dedicated cable) / CD-15AX (Mitutoyo caliper)" 3-piece set product

Click here for the XRoss field note homepage

Other notice

As announced in the press release on August 2020, 8, the GyroEye 28 version will be available as a Microsoft HoloLens 2021.1 only package.

In addition, Microsoft HoloLens 1st generation GyroEye support will be available until the end of August 2021.


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