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[News Release] Informatics Co., Ltd. demonstrates the utilization of CIM data by linking the quasi-zenith satellite system Michibiki and Mixed Reality technology.

-CIM data is projected and verified in actual size at the large-scale construction site of Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.-

2021th of February 3
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Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1310 Omiya-cho, Watarai-shi, Kanagawa) and Koike-gumi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 3-6-1, Kitakuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka) and Hiromi Watatsu Quasi-zenith satellite at the construction site of "Miya River Watarai Solar Park (Watarai-cho, Watarai-gun, Mie Prefecture)", which is one of the largest solar power generation projects in Japan By linking System Michibiki and Mixed Reality technology, CIM data is projected by MR at the actual size at the construction site, the construction details are confirmed among the parties concerned, and the demonstration of measurement related to the construction work is performed, and certain results have been achieved. It was. (Announced on March 2020, 2021)

In this demonstration project, the Cabinet Office and Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Service Co., Ltd. aim to put into practical use new services and technologies that are expected to use Michibiki in order to support companies considering new uses of Michibiki. We are looking for companies, etc. to carry out demonstration projects.Informatics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") has been selected for the demonstration project under the theme of "utilization of BIM / CIM data by centimeter-class positioning reinforcement service (CLAS) and MR technology", and this time, we are carrying out the demonstration.

For the demonstration, we jointly developed the demonstration function using the CIM data generated by Konoike Construction at the large-scale construction site "Miya River Watarai Solar Park (Watarai-cho, Watarai-gun, Mie Prefecture)" constructed by Konoike Construction Co., Ltd. ..

Demonstration site "Miya River Watarai Solar Park Project Construction Site" (left) and CIM data (right)

The demonstration site is a large-scale construction site with a total length of about 2 km and an area of ​​100 ha. It was demonstrated in a vast environment, which is extremely difficult as a condition for MR systems.In addition, the on-site full-scale projection of BIM / CIM data, which is a combination of Japan's proud high-precision satellite positioning technology and MR technology, was an advanced and epoch-making challenge that was unprecedented in Japan.Furthermore, in the demonstration, we developed a new measurement function to check the finished product and went to the site with the aim of improving the productivity and quality of the site.

As a result, it was confirmed that the accurate superimposition of the actual size CIM data was realized by the highly accurate position information of Michibiki, and that the reinforcement signal of Michibiki constantly corrected the MR image.In addition, the height measurement of the difference between the current ground surface and the planned height (CIM data) of the design was demonstrated in the finished measurement function.

If you can receive the position information of Michibiki, you can align the MR model from any place.
The feature of this system is that CIM data can be aligned anywhere in an environment where Michibiki signals can be received.The two pictures below are the CIM data superimposed from the top of the construction site and near the construction office, respectively.After activating the dedicated receiver that can receive the MICHIBIKI CLAS signal, the following holographic can be displayed in a few minutes.

Construction site overlooking from construction area C.The CIM data of structures such as dams are in agreement.


Construction work site seen from the vicinity of the construction office.MR can be displayed in a few minutes from any point.

Michibiki's position information constantly corrects MR images
The point of the demonstration is to keep sending the correction information of Michibiki to the Mixed Reality device Trimble XR10 (HoloLens 2 with integrated helmet) so that the CIM data will always be correct and smooth even if the worker moves at the construction site. It was to keep displaying.

As a result, it was confirmed that the CIM data near the No. 2 regulating pond at the construction site was accurately superimposed on the position, angle, and scale as shown in the photo below.You can see that the light blue colored dam overlaps in the center of the left photo.

MR superimposition screen of CIM data near the No. 2 regulating pond (left) and on-site confirmation status (right)

Check the finished product with the measurement function
In the demonstration, in order to confirm the finished shape at the time of rough construction, we developed a new function to measure the height of the current ground surface and the planned ground surface of CIM data, and actually measured it on site.

The photo below is a scene of demonstrating the measurement function.At the place where the embankment work is to be carried out, the difference between the current ground level and the planned ground level, as well as the distance from the place specified at that time to the buttock or shoulder is displayed.

GyroEye Holo screen with MICHIBIKI measurement function (left) and Mr. Iida (center) in charge of the Cabinet Office who witnessed the demonstration

About the space anchor function
In this demonstration, we also verified the spatial anchor function using Microsoft Azure Spatial Anchors.By registering as a space anchor together with the surrounding environment information recognized by HoloLens 2 in the highly accurate positioning state from the MICHIBIKI signal, the posture in which the MICHIBIKI signal is difficult to receive and the registered space even in the surrounding environment By using the anchor, it is possible to display CIM data that indirectly utilizes the information of Michibiki.

Demonstration system configuration
This demonstration system was developed based on the company's GyroEye Holo.By sending the positioning information sent from the MICHIBIKI receiver to HoloLens via the Android device and continuing to correct it at the position where the worker is standing or moved, CIM data is always in the correct position and in the direction in which it is facing. Is displayed.

Evaluation and future plans
From Mr. Ushijima, director of Koike-gumi Co., Ltd., who directs the construction site of this demonstration, MR technology can be used to imagine 2D design data at a glance, unlike 3D paper drawings, in the field survey at the initial stage of construction. We received comments that it is effective in that it is easy to make an appropriate plan such as laying, and that it can be expected to be used in rough construction even at the construction stage.Furthermore, in normal GNSS surveying, it is necessary to install a reference station, etc., but in the case of this system using MICHIBIKI, it can be used only with the receiver and MR device, and it was evaluated as being advantageous in terms of cost.In the construction industry, where the number of skilled engineers is declining, it was also suggested that the use of CIM in MICHIBIKI and MR may develop into an indispensable technology for future generations.

Informatics Co., Ltd. intends to generalize the system and aim for commercialization by making improvements in terms of use, referring to the requests from these sites and the results of this demonstration.

Demonstration experiment status by the company and Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.

Demonstration video

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About Michibiki
Michibiki (quasi-zenith satellite system) is a Japanese satellite positioning system that is mainly composed of satellites in quasi-zenith orbit, and has been in operation with four satellites since November 2018. Three of them can be seen at all points in the Asia / Oceania region at all times.Since Michibiki can be used together with GPS, it is possible to secure the number of satellites that enable stable and highly accurate positioning. Since GPS compatible Michibiki can procure receivers at low cost, we can expect the development of location information business that makes advanced use of geospatial information.

About Centimeter Class Positioning Reinforcement Service (CLAS)
In order to perform highly accurate satellite positioning, correction information is calculated using the data of electronic reference points maintained by the Geographical Survey Institute of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism nationwide, and information for accurately obtaining the current position (centimeter class). Positioning reinforcement information) will be sent from Michibiki. On November 2020, 11, the user interface specifications were changed to a maximum of 30 satellites to be reinforced with the aim of providing a more stable service with positioning accuracy, and the operation has already started.

About GyroEye Holo
GyroEye Holo is a Microsoft HoloLens 2 compatible MR system developed by Informatics.In addition to work support in the fields of construction and civil engineering, its use is expanding in infrastructure fields such as electricity, gas, and water, and in various manufacturing industries.
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Spatial Anchors (Azure Spatial Anchors)
Using Microsoft's new technology, record the location information where the MR model is placed.It is a function that can be reused via Microsoft Azure, which is a cloud service, and MR models can be easily shared by multiple people.
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Since its establishment in 1981, Informatics Co., Ltd. has continued to grow as a system integrator that develops, sells, and supports maintenance of CAD / CG systems and GIS (geographic information systems) for architecture and design, and has its headquarters (Kawasaki City). , A company consisting of a total of about 210 employees at sales offices (Osaka, Nagoya).It has a large number of installation records in the fields of central government offices, local governments, railways, roads, electric power, construction, civil engineering, and engineering.

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