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[News Release] 4D completed confirmation by Gyro Eye Holo

~ (Tentative name) KONOIKE Techno Center New construction to improve productivity ~

2021th of February 3
Informatix Inc.


Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Representative Director: Daichi Saito) and Konoike Construction Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Representative Director: Hiromi Watatsu) will proceed with the construction of Konoike Construction Co., Ltd. as a research and development base in the new environment and civil engineering fields (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Representative Director: Hiromi Watatsu) (Tentative name) As an initiative to improve productivity in the new construction of the KONOIKE Techno Center, we used the MR software GyroEye Holo manufactured by Informatics to confirm the 4D shape by MR.

In this initiative, 4D MR will be utilized by utilizing the flexible attribute management mechanism and 4D function of Fukui Computer Architect's Japanese specification BIM system GLOOBE used in the new construction of KONOIKE Techno Center, and by IFC cooperation with GyroEye Holo. The display has been realized.

◆ Demonstration results

Operate the time control slider

Display the model along the process (2021/1/25)

Display the model along the process (2021/2/25)

State of the site (shooting date 2020/12/4)

Confirmation of finished product by timeline
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Utilization of 4D functions has become an indispensable attribute for BIM at the construction stage, and by supporting 4D in the future, GyroEye Holo will not only check the display of 3D objects, but also have continuity in the field. It is expected to be used in more situations such as examination and confirmation of construction.

Informatics will continue to collaborate with Konoike Construction Co., Ltd. to continue advanced initiatives at this construction site and promote activities that will lead to improved productivity for the entire construction industry.


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