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[News Release] Helmet-integrated device "Trimble XR2" equipped with HoloLens 10 is now available-In combination with GyroEye Holo, i-Construction is promoted-

2020th of February 5
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Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Representative Director: Daichi Saito) is a helmet integrated device equipped with Nikon Trimble Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Takashi Tanzawa) equipped with HoloLens 2. Regarding domestic sales of "Trimble XR10" (hereinafter referred to as "XR10"), we will conclude the first domestic authorized dealer contract, start receiving orders from May 5th, and announce that we will ship sequentially from June 20th.

XR10 is a dedicated HoloLens 2 on a helmet that has been certified as "for flying / falling objects", "for fall protection", and "electric hat" in the protective cap standard and insulation protective equipment standard set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It is a device that combines a bone conduction headset and a bone conduction headset in consideration of the wearability at work sites that require a helmet such as in the construction industry.

So far, we have acquired the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program certification as an application development partner for HoloLens, and have been developing and selling “GyroEye Holo”, the first package software in Japan that supports HoloLens. .

In the future, in addition to the conventional lineup, we will aim to expand the MR business in the construction industry, further improve the productivity of the construction site, and support efficiency improvement through sales of the XR10 alone and set sales with GyroEye Holo.

Trimble XR10

Handling lineup

lineup Until the order on June 2020, 6 Orders received after June 2020, 6
Trimble XR10 648,000 Yen
Trimble XR10 + GyroEye Holo Viewer Bundle 748,000 Yen
Trimble XR10 + GyroEye set package 1,498,000 Yen
HoloLens 2 + GyroEye Holo Viewer Bundle 450,000 Yen 450,000 Yen
HoloLens 2 + GyroEye Set Package 1,100,000 Yen 1,200,000 Yen
GyroEye Set Package 722,000 Yen 850,000 Yen
GyroEye Holo Viewer 72,000 Yen 100,000 Yen
GyroEye Data Converter 500,000 Yen 500,000 Yen
GyroEye CMS 150,000 yen / year 250,000 yen / year
  • All prices are exclusive of tax.
  • The GyroEye set package includes the GyroEye Holo Viewer, GyroEye Data Converter and GyroEye CMS.
  • For information on HoloLens 2 products, please refer to the website of Microsoft Japan.
  • The Trimble XR10 product includes a bone conduction headset instead of the speaker mounted on the HoloLens 2. Other hardware specifications are equivalent to HoloLens 2. Please refer to the following Nikon / Trimble website for the items included in the package.
  • GyroEye Data Converter maintenance is free, as before, for the first year and 2 yen (excluding tax) per license from the second year onwards.
  • The GyroEye starter kit (helmet, visor, attachments, etc.) for HoloLens 2 is currently under consideration.

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Since its establishment in 1981, Informatics Co., Ltd. has continued to grow as a system integrator that develops, sells, and supports maintenance of CAD / CG systems and GIS (geographic information systems) for architecture and design, and has its headquarters (Kawasaki City). , A company consisting of a total of about 190 employees at sales offices (Osaka, Nagoya).It has a large number of installation records in domestic central government offices, local governments, railways / high speeds, electric power, financial institutions, housing manufacturers, general contractors, design offices, etc.

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