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News Release

You can download the catalog of GIS spatial information products and XR system.

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2022/07/29 [DX disaster countermeasures for railway companies] Release of "ShareSnap Railway Crisis Management" that enables immediate information sharing by "just taking a picture" when abnormalities such as natural disasters and accidents occur
2022/07/25 Developed concrete compaction management system by MR
2022/04/06 Informatics Co., Ltd. releases the latest version of GyroEye 2021.2
-The calibration time for TS + * has been greatly reduced.Achieves 5 times more efficiency than before ~
2022/04/06 Informatics Releases BERT Japanese Pre-Learning Model
2022/01/27 Exhibited at "Local Government Informatization Promotion Fair Online 2021-22"
2022/01/17 [On-site inspection DX] Held a "GC Photo" seminar where on-site work can be completed simply by taking a picture-Introducing examples of use in social infrastructure and local governments and the popular "GC Photo" function-



2021/11/29 With the cooperation of Informatics and Yamato / NYK Systems, we have achieved at least 10 times higher productivity in MR insert marking experiments.
2021/11/12 Exhibited at "Maintenance Resilience TOKYO 2021", an exhibition on inspection and maintenance of infrastructure structures
2021/10/12 Released a new service to support the creation of an analysis report on the firefighting water usage sufficiency rate!
2021/10/12 Exhibited at "Terrorism Countermeasure Special Equipment Exhibition '21 SEECAT" and introduced the latest spatial information solution to support security and disaster recovery activities in police and firefighting operations!
2021/10/07 Promotion of DX (Digital Business Reform)!Spatial Information System GeoConic / GeoCloud Seminar Held
2021/09/29 Thanks to you, informatics celebrated its 40th anniversary. 
2021/09/02 Demonstration of remote inspection and form cooperation using mixed reality technology- (tentative name) KONOIKE Techno Center New construction work to improve productivity-
2021/09/01 Tips for high school geography classes from 2022!Published practical examples of map / GIS utilization for compulsory high school "geographical synthesis"
2021/08/12 In-house GIS engine "GeoCloud" "GeoConic" enables 3D city model display of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism project PLATEAU
2021/08/03 << Holding Report >> We held the "Spatial Information Symposium 2021" to introduce the cutting-edge DX of the spatial location information business. 
2021/07/09 Developed a 3D space solution that allows you to browse 3D point cloud data at the Atami debris flow disaster site on the Web.It is also possible to generate a 3D model from a video
2021/07/09 [Free webinar] "Service outline and utilization examples of the quasi-zenith satellite system" Michibiki "" Lecture by Yusuke Kawada, Cabinet Office Space Development Strategy Promotion Office.High-precision positioning x MR technology cooperation promotes construction DX!
2021/07/08 [Free webinar] What to do with construction DX!Lecture "Construction DX will change the way of working in design, construction, and maintenance" (Construction IT journalist Ryuta Ieiri), which introduces many examples of sites using cutting-edge digital technology, is now accepting applications!
2021/07/06 [Free webinar] What is a "self-employed 5G communication network" that can be built and used by companies and local governments?Lectures (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) on "local 5G", which is expected to be used for solving regional and business problems, are now accepting applications! 
2021/06/30 [Free webinar] If you are dealing with 3D data, don't miss it!Mr. Yuya Uchiyama, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism "About Project PLATEAU of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism-Achievements and future efforts of 3D city model", application is being accepted! 
2021/06/25 [Free webinar] There are plenty of "latest examples of business utilization" of "HoloLens" that is attracting attention as an AR / MR device!If you are paying attention to the AR / VR device market, which is expected to grow about 10 times in the next 45 years, don't miss it. 
2021/06/24 [Free webinar] Even working people can see the scales!You can hear practical examples of lively maps and GIS utilization unique to high school students.Lectures by Toyoaki Kawai, a geography teacher at Shinagawa Joshi Gakuin, are now accepting applications!
2021/06/23 [Free webinar] A must-see for students aiming to start a business and working adults who are interested in developing local and regional human resources! "Human resources development will change the region! -What is human resources development that has created 3 venture companies in 13 years?" Applications are being accepted!
2021/06/22 [Free webinar] Akira Furusawa of the University of Tokyo, a leading expert in photon computer development, will be on stage!Introducing the principles and theories of photon computers using unique quantum teleportation that support practical application
2021/06/14 An MR experience session will be held at the Shinagawa Conference Center on July 2021th at the "Spatial Information Symposium 7 XR-Day" with the theme of "Potential for Digital Transformation Brought by Spatial Information".
~ What kind of transformation AR / MR technology is bringing to construction sites, introduction of application examples and prospects, and hands-on experience of the latest MR products ~
2021/06/03 [For social infrastructure companies] DX reform by utilizing digital map information
2021/06/01 [Limited to government officials] Improve business issues with a map system!Free GIS seminar held
2021/05/31 "Spatial Information Symposium 5 (2021th)" will be held online in July to introduce the latest DX of spatial location information business such as quantum computing, 26G, PLATEAU, AR, LiDAR!
2021/04/15 Released the latest version of commercial MR system GyroEye 2021.1
Remote presence / deformation investigation MR package XRoss field note released
2021/03/26 Introducing "Glove" seminar for equipment inspection using LiDAR x 360 ° image x map information
2021/03/05 Informatics Co., Ltd. demonstrates the utilization of CIM data by linking the quasi-zenith satellite system Michibiki and mixed reality technology
2021/03/01 Implementation of 4D finished form confirmation by GyroEye Holo
2021/02/24 Realize on-site work efficiency with MR technology! Gyro Eye will be exhibited at "Construction Technology Exhibition"
2021/02/01 Streamline on-site work with the latest MR technology! GyroEye will be exhibited at "3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition"
2021/01/22 [1/28 (Thursday) Free Seminar] IoT / xR technology to reduce "denseness" in the field
2021/01/15 Realize on-site work efficiency with MR technology! Exhibited Gyro Eye at "Wearable EXPO"



2020/12/07 Informatics releases MR solution "XRoss field note" for inspection and maintenance in 2021
2020/10/22 Confirmation of MR pile core by GyroEye Holo TS +
2020/10/09 Informatics Co., Ltd. will conduct MR demonstration experiment using high-precision position information from Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Michibiki by the end of this year.
2020/10/07 Introducing the latest spatial information solutions at "Terrorism Countermeasures Special Equipment Exhibition '20 SEECAT"
2020/10/06 Informatics Certified Gold Partner in Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, one of the rarest in the world
2020/09/11 Konoike Construction and Informatics collaborate on technological development using MR at construction sites
2020/08/28 Informatics Releases Latest Version of MR System for Business GyroEye 2020.2
2020/08/27 "Spatial Information Symposium 2020" held online! A dedicated site that opens all year round, and a place for deep discussion on themes related to spatial information technology
2020/08/05 Started rental service as a set of HoloLens 2 and GyroEye jointly with Yokogawa Rent & Lease
2020/07/17 Exhibited at the "Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance Exhibition 2020", an exhibition related to inspection and maintenance of roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.
2020/06/24 New functions such as "SIR infection prediction model" have been added to the "New domestic coronavirus infectious disease domestic situation" site that can automatically reproduce the infection status
2020/05/20 Informatics Launches Trimble XR2 Helmet-Integrated Device with HoloLens 10 ~ Promoting i-Construction in Combination with GyroEye Holo ~
2020/05/01 Informatics, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 2019 PRISM project, overall evaluation A judgment
2020/04/01 Launch of "New Coronavirus domestic situation" site using in-house GIS
2020/03/09 Unorganized information on a map-Approximately 28 crime occurrence information nationwide can be seen in "GC Data"-
2020/01/30 Informatix starts handling Microsoft HoloLens 2



2019/09/20 Announcing the release of the latest version of Mixed Reality (MR) system "GyroEye 2019.2"-Realization of high accuracy by cooperation (optional) with total station-
2019/09/13 Informatix Cloud GIS Project Adopted as Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Sewerage Technology Overseas Demonstration Project
2019/07/01 Inauguration Notice of New CEO Appointment
2019/05/28 The accuracy of GyroEye Holo is increased by about 20 times-Strong support for actual operation of HoloLens! ~
2019/05/23 Informatics holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2019” AI, satellite positioning, AR / MR, etc. In three cities with the theme of advanced technology-Tokyo (3/7), Osaka (10/7), Nagoya (18/8)-



2018/12/19 Launch of high-speed and high-accuracy map matching service-Correct correction of point and route information on maps collected by in-vehicle cameras and IoT-
2018/12/10 Patented for drawing projection system, drawing projection method and program
2018/07/19 Informatics receives “Silver Certification” for excellence in health
2018/07/13 NEXCO Engineering Hokkaido adopts informatics MR system "GyroEye Holo" for advanced maintenance technology education / training support system-Enables education / training according to site conditions and characteristics-
2018/06/12 Symposium on the latest technology held by international media artists and MEMS authorities! Held in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in July. Lectures and demonstrations on the theme of urban planning and town development
2018/05/22 Informatics forms business alliance with Hololab in the MR field!
-Japan's first alliance between Mixed Reality partners-
2018/02/05 Demonstration experiment of MR system "GyroEye Holo" jointly conducted with KONOIKE CONSTRUCTION in Tottori
-Verification of effectiveness in tunnel maintenance and inspection-
2018/01/18 Informatics officially recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner
2018/01/15 GyroEye Holo MR system for the construction field
Ships from January 1



2017/09/29 Informatics enacts Health Company Declaration
2017/09/25 GyroEye Holo MR system for the construction field
Orders will start on September 9
2017/06/09 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2017”
~ The theme of “Spatial Information Science and Wisdom for Creating the Future”
Held in three cities nationwide: Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka
2017/03/27 New product launch of GyroEye, an AR / VR system for the construction field-Innovating on-site work in cooperation with Microsoft HoloLens-
2017/01/31 Informatics holds 35th anniversary lecture! Architect Yoshiya Uchida and N. Negroponte co-founder of MIT Media Lab



2016/11/11 Easily create and view VR content in-house! Launched new product lineup, "GyroEye" AR / VR system for the architectural field
2016/11/04 Local governments in the Philippines who have introduced Informatics GIS visit Japan for site visits
2016/09/08 Informatics GIS engine, Shobunsha multilingual map distribution service
"MappleAPI multilingual map (vector distribution type)" adopted
2016/06/21 AR system "GyroEye" for the construction field and
360 degree panorama compatible building management system "EOPAN" implements VR function
2016/05/13 Holding a symposium on location information! Experts in large-scale earthquakes and SDN / NFV technology will be on stage
-Held in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka in July. Introducing case studies and demonstrations-
2016/04/07 EOPAN, a 360-degree panoramic building management system, received the 28th Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent New Technology and New Product Award
2016/03/25 Tottori Bank adopts financial map system



2015/06/05 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2015”
2015/04/17 Introduce Informatics' "Map Information System for Regional Financial Institutions" to Kawasaki Shinkin Bank
2015/04/02 Informatics Inc.'s AR system "GyroEye" received the Encouragement Prize of the SME Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Technology / New Product Award
2015/01/31 Informatics GIS Software "SIS" Latest Version 8.0 Released



2014/10/01 EOPAN, a 360-degree panoramic building management system
2014 Good Design Award Best 100
2014/06/05 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2014”



2013/06/18 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2013”
2013/06/10 Informatics Co., Ltd. participates in "Joint research on maintenance and update of large-scale road maps (25-26)" by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, National Institute of Land and Infrastructure Management as a map creator
2013/05/30 Spatial Information Symposium 2013, Information on lecture programs at each venue



2012/05/28 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2012”



2011/11/28 Informatics launches new version of 3D paint rendering system "Piranesi"
2011/09/12 Informatics, Inc. participates in the Tohoku University Great East Japan Earthquake Archive Project "Shinrokuden"
2011/06/14 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2011”



2010/09/30 Informatics launches NaviCrane V3, a 2D construction machine simulator
2010/09/30 Informatix Inc. launches Walk eye Map Converter
2010/09/30 Informatics Inc. holds AutoCAD Plant 3D new product seminar
2010/06/11 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2010”



2009/11/13 Informatics, Inc. launches NaviPortal Ver. 2, a 3D / 2.0D design information and equipment information management tool
2009/09/25 Informatics Co., Ltd. releases new version 7.0 of spatial information system SIS
2009/01/23 Joint announcement by E Frontier Co., Ltd. and Informatix Inc. Realizing direct linkage from "Shade 10.5 Professional" to Piranesi.



2008/11/01 Informatics Co., Ltd. launches NaviPortal, a 3D equipment information management system
2008/11/01 Informatics launches NaviCrane, a 3D construction machine simulator
2008/06/11 Informatics Co., Ltd. holds “Spatial Information Symposium 2008”
2008/06/10 Informatics, Inc. launches 3D paint rendering Piranesi V5.0 for Macintosh OS
2008/02/07 Informatics Co., Ltd. launches new version 10 of general-purpose CAD "MicroGDS" for design and design

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