CEO Message

Thank you for promoting Informatics.
This is Daichi Saito, who became President and CEO of Informatix Inc. on July 1, 2019.

Informatics has been engaged in activities to support the spread of ICT in the spatial information business since its establishment in September 1981. Held every year since 9Spatial Information Symposium, We have received many excellent presentations from many academics, government policymakers, and customers in the public and private sectors, leading the field of spatial information.

The main products and services provided by Informatics have been through the following transitions.

The first phase (1-1981)Architecture / civil engineering CADWe are conducting activities centered on license sales and support for creating design drawings, and many customers continue to use it today.

In the second phase (2-1995), as a software company specializing in spatial information, "PC version spatial information system”Dedicated to license sales and application development services.

In the third phase (3-), not only will we provide a desktop core engine, but we will also be able to operate in cloud and mobile environments.Spatial information systemApplications and services, a 360 ° camera-based shooting system,System based on VR / AR / MR technologyHas been shifted to a comprehensive spatial information solution company that develops and provides a wide range of applications.

Informatics will continue to take advantage of its abundant experience to develop new challenges while building an information infrastructure to realize a more advanced, safe and secure society, and support various businesses and citizens' life. We will look for adaptation in a wide range of fields in Japan and overseas, such as the provision of

All of our informatix employees will value the spirit of “science of information” as our corporate name, and will strive every day to realize a “spatial information innovation company that creates the future” as a collective group.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Daichi Saito, CEO

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