Municipal integrated GIS

Informatics integrated GIS

"Integrated GIS" is a mechanism that aggregates map data owned and used by each department as a common database (shared space database) and enables cooperation between data.

Informatics integrated GIS in municipal offices"High processing power" "High operability" "High expandability"This is a high-performance system that is resistant to future environmental changes.

High processing power  Our original technology realizes high-speed map drawing and high processing power.The operating speed of the system is directly linked to usability.Please experience it at the demonstration. High operability  Adopted a function menu like Microsoft Office that even inexperienced people can use immediately. It achieves high usability in combination with map operations similar to Google Maps. High expandability  It has many drawing functions, measurement functions, as well as advanced search / analysis functions such as route search, four arithmetic operations, and proportional division calculations, as well as abundant functions such as XNUMXD display.


GIS Glossary: ​​Individual Business GIS, Integrated GIS

Features-Addition of individual business functions is possible

You can add "individual GIS series" specialized for individual work such as roads, city planning, water and sewage, fixed assets, etc.

Providing options specialized for various businesses-Can be added according to the business content


Example of usage expansion in units of copies


It is also possible to provide each business option individually


Glossary: ​​Individual business GIS, integrated GIS

A rich individual GIS lineup is available

Road management House display Road private use management Depot management Park business management

Land use planningWater supplySewerFixed assetWindow touch panelBuilding confirmationNarrow street widening maintenanceDisaster support

System configuration example-Compatible with various platform configurations

We provide solutions that flexibly respond to various usage environments in local governments.

Cloud type
(Internet ASP / LGWAN ASP)
On-premises type
(Standalone is also possible)
Hybrid type

Operate all package system data on an external cloud server

* 1 "Integrated spatial information cloud" Comprehensive administrative network ASP application ASP code A801360

All package system data is placed on the server in the agency and operated

The package system / background map is placed on an external server, and highly confidential data is placed inside the agency for operation.

Data construction service

With the know-how cultivated through many years of providing GIS solutions, we provide data construction services that form the basis of the system.

LGWAN, APPLIC compatible

Informatics municipal GIS solutions are compatible with the Comprehensive Administrative Network (LGWAN) * 1.again,APPLIC GIS unit compliant registered product* XNUMX.

* 2 "GeoConic®" National Regional Information Promotion Association (APPLIC) Regional Information Platform GIS Unit Compliant Registered Product (Registration No. K000616-0014)

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