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Development record: Private business field

Informatics builds systems for various types of business, converts and adjusts data according to customer requests.
Here are some of the development achievements in private business operations.

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Field Achievement name Delivery destination
Medical Service area analysis of emergency medical facilities Construction consultant
Transportation Construction of electronic line plan system Railway company
Alarm data maintenance
Station sign management system
Dangerous mountain stream area data creation Expressway company
resource Construction of mining area management system Crude oil and gas development company
electricity Construction of power transmission equipment management system Power company
Power transmission LLS display program creation
Construction of lightning strike location system
Disaster recovery support Construction of decontamination work support system construction company
金融 Area strategic map system Regional banks / shinkin banks
Sales support map system City banks / regional banks / shinkin banks
Marketing Behavior analysis system construction Advertising agency
Construction of sales support system Newspaper company
Construction of marketing support system using point card Music and video software rental company
Area marketing business support Supermarket
Construction of trade area analysis system convenience store
Area marketing system construction Pharmaceutical company
Customer management Construction of customer management system think tank
Disaster prevention Construction of regional disaster information gathering cloud service University
Fire spread simulation / danger assessment program creation
Construction of information aggregation system for disaster drill
Construction of regional disaster prevention capability evaluation system
Comprehensive disaster prevention system construction Construction consultant
Create tsunami inundation area data Telecom company
Creation of earthquake risk diagnosis program construction company
Business continuity support system construction Electronics company

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