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Development record: administrative field

Informatics builds systems for various types of business, converts and adjusts data according to customer requests.
Here, we will introduce some of the development results in government-related business.
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Field Achievement name Delivery destination
River River management system construction Municipalities
Construction of river inundation analysis system Ministry
River XNUMXD image creation Ministry
River disaster prevention system construction Ministry
Environment Construction of soil information management system Municipalities
Construction of a depot management system Municipalities
Construction of radiation diffusion prediction system Ministry
Tourism Creating data for tourism GIS Municipalities
Education Elementary and junior high school school road theme map preparation Municipalities
Construction of scholarship management system Municipalities
Sewer Construction of sewerage plan management system Municipalities
Construction of sewer window reading system Municipalities
Sewerage facility data creation Municipalities
Facility Management Park management system construction Municipalities
Construction of graveyard management system Municipalities
Transportation City bus operation search and display system construction Municipalities
Fire Creation of map data for the wide-area fire department Municipalities
WebGIS construction for firefighting Municipalities
Construction of fire spread simulation system for firefighting Municipalities
森林 Construction of forest information browsing system Municipalities
Construction of forest work road planning system Ministry
Census Construction of survey area map drawing system Municipalities
Cadastral Cadastral data conversion work Municipalities
Construction of cadastral information management system Municipalities
Integrated type Construction of integrated GIS for land management business Municipalities
Integrated GIS construction Municipalities
Data maintenance for integrated GIS Municipalities
Construction of public property management system Municipalities
Construction of a system for supporting the operation of buried cultural properties Municipalities
Equipment management Lighting management system construction Municipalities
Construction of street light management system Municipalities
Construction of electric wire joint groove management system Municipalities
Construction of bridge management pipeline management system Municipalities
Airline runway maintenance management system construction Ministry
Land use planning Construction of city planning information system Municipalities
City planning business data creation Municipalities
Construction of outdoor advertising matter management system Municipalities
Agriculture: System construction for land improvement area Municipalities
Data maintenance for land improvement zone Municipalities
Construction of farmland information management system Municipalities
WebGIS construction for farmland information sharing Municipalities
Construction of support system for increasing applications Municipalities
welfare Creating a barrier-free map Municipalities
Disaster prevention Construction of disaster prevention map creation system Municipalities
Preparing a map of anticipated landslide hazard Municipalities
Creating disaster prevention data for residents' associations Municipalities
Construction of sediment disaster countermeasure system Municipalities
Construction of a map system for people requiring assistance during a disaster Municipalities

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