Contract development

For those considering a development request

Informatics accepts system development based on the spatial information system we handle.

Flow from request to introduction

1. Consultation At first please feel free to consult and contact us.Contact us from here
2. Hearing Our staff will be able to hear about your business, problems, background of the introduction study and your requests.
3. Proposal / Quotation Based on the content of the hearing, we will propose system proposals and quotes.
4. Contract Once the outsourcing to us has been formally decided, we will enter into a contract between you and us.
5. Project launch We decide the development charge and start the project.
6. Requirements definition Define the functional requirements needed for the system.
7. Basic design Basic design such as overall structure and interface is performed based on requirement definition.
8. Detailed design Detailed design for specific functions of the system.
9. Development Perform programming based on detailed design.
10. Testing Check that it works correctly.
11. Inspection and delivery Once the inspection is completed by the customer, we will deliver the program and manual.
12. Operation and maintenance We respond to inquiries about operations and troubles. We also add functions and respond to version upgrades.

Informatics System Development Strengths

Abundant business know-how

Staff members with abundant business know-how and high technical skills cultivated over many years in the field of spatial information and architectural design are responsible for development.

  • By utilizing assets such as original frameworks and libraries, we will reduce development man-hours.
  • Based on our abundant achievements, we adopt the latest development methods and flexibly respond to a wide range of projects from Web to mobile.
  • With the support of a dedicated designer, we provide a highly designed interface.

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Reliable quality and information security management system

We conduct reviews in all processes of quality management system development work based on the international standard ISO9001: 2008, and strive to ensure high quality that leads to improved reliability and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, based on an information security management system based on ISO / IEC27001: 2005 / JIS Q 27001: 2006, we are working to protect and continuously improve information assets.
ISO9001 acquired

Customization based on own products

By customizing based on our own products that are strong in each field, we provide applications that respond to customer's work in detail.

GeoConic / GeoCloud Powerful and flexible GIS that is ideal for building business applications that supports various usage patterns and platforms Click here for GeoConic / GeoCloud product site
SIS GIS with high compatibility / extensibility and abundant editing / analysis functions Click here for SIS product site
GyroEye VR / AR / MR system for construction / housing design field Click here for GyroEye product site
MicroGDS General-purpose 2D / 3D CAD for architecture / construction / engineering Click here for MicroGDS product site
Piranesi 3D paint rendering system that enables various expressions with simple operations Click here for Piranesi product site

Contact / Request

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Inquiries by phone: Sales Department 044-520-0850

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