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ISO9001 acquired


With this opportunity, we will continue our efforts to provide products and services that satisfy our customers with even higher quality. We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.

Quality Management Basic Policy

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ISO9001: 2015 certification acquired

Organization name Informatix Inc.
Scope of application Sales and user support of spatial information related software products
Consulting services related to the development, maintenance, introduction and use of spatial information related systems
Spatial information service, map data creation service, and consulting services related to these services
Applicable standards ISO9001:2015
Certification number 18203
Registration date 2004/7/20
Reissue date 2020/12/02
expiration date 2023/10/13
EAC Code 33
Certified office Head Office, Osaka Sales Office, Nagoya Sales Office
Certification body UK Certification Authority (UKAS)
Examining body NQA-Japan Co., Ltd.

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