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Note: About purchasing products from auction sites

Regarding software packaged products purchased from Internet auction sites, etc., damages from unauthorized products such as "license registration documents are not bundled" and "used products that can not be newly registered" are occurring frequently. To prevent such damage, please note the following points when purchasing software package products.

  • Informatics (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) software package products issue license (license) certificates based on the license agreement to customers who have purchased the products through the Company or our authorized agents and dealers. I am. If you do not have a license, you cannot use the software. In addition, the license of our software packaged product cannot be transferred or transferred.
  • If we determine that the product purchased on the auction site is a fraudulent product, we will not perform any user registration or license issuance.
  • Even if it is described as new or unopened on an auction site, it may be an illegal product.
    Example) When an old version package of a bulk purchase is discarded and then illegally leaked and sold
    (In such a case, even if the license certificate or registration document is included in the package, the product has already been registered as a user by the original authorized purchaser, and the person who purchased it at the auction site etc. You cannot register with.)
  • If a product purchased at an auction site or the like is damaged, return or refund, etc., should be handled by the parties concerned. We do not participate at all.

In some cases, our authorized distributors and dealers may sell genuine products on Internet shopping sites. If you would like to confirm that the product is genuine, please let us know by writing the URL of the product to the inquiry window.

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