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Health company declaration

Informatics considers the health of its employees as an important management resource.

To maintain and promote the health of employees, we aim to be a company that enables employees to work well by providing active support for health education and awareness activities and employee activities.

Obtained "Silver Certification" for excellence in health

Informatics has been implementing initiatives to actively support the health of employees based on the above Health Declaration, and has been awarded “Gin Certified” for excellence in health.

Going forward, as a company with excellent health, we will continue to promote initiatives to support employee health.

  • Certification date: July 2018, 7
  • Certification renewal date: August 2021, 8
  • Examining organization: Health Insurance Association Federation Tokyo Federation
  • Health Good Company Certification Number: Kengin No. 340 (3)
  • Certification period: August 2021, 8-July 1, 2022


Initiatives for Gold Certified Company

Informatics is currently working towards a “gold certification”.

  • We work on medical examination, prevention of seriousness
  • Initiatives for health management, health and safety
  • Working on mental health measures
  • Working to prevent overwork
  • We work on infectious disease prevention measures
  • We work on health management

2021year(CY) Health goals

We will create an environment where employees can work with peace of mind so that they can work in good physical and mental health.2021Years(CY) Health goals ”has been set.

IFXWe will continue to support the promotion of health and create a comfortable working environment so that each and every employee can play an active role in good health.

 2021Years(CY) Health goals

  • Health checkup rate100Aim for%
    We support regular health checkups and aim for zero untested people.
  • paid holidays5Get day 100Aim for%
    Number of days of paid leave taken5We will follow the acquisition for those who are less than a day and comply with the law
  • Supports improving employee health literacy
    We support the improvement of health awareness by disseminating various health-related information.

* Health literacy: The ability to obtain, understand, and evaluate information on health and medical care, and utilize the content.

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