Product Summary

1/1 scale drawing actual size projection.
Connect BIM / CIM data to the site.

that is

Main uses

Inking and marking
For positioning of building equipment (inserts) and marking at construction sites
Check the work
Superimpose drawings and 3D models to check if construction is correct
Construction support
By looking MR models on the site, it makes it easy to support or provide instructions to workers for construction works such as reinforcement arrangements
Checking dimensions of full-scale drawings and improving efficiency by measuring HoloLens between two points
Remote support
Efficient inspection from on-site and remote locations by drawing confirmation drawings and 3D models
Display equipment and maintenance information of BIM / CIM data and check for deformation

System configuration

GyroEye Data Converter

This software is for taking 2D models such as 3D drawings and BIM / CIM, and converting them into data for HoloLens and iOS viewer.

The origin setting for superimposing on the real world can be defined here.

GyroEye CMS

This is a cloud system on the server, and stands for Contents & Conversion Management System.

It also serves as background processing for conversion, data input / output between PC and HoloLens or iOS, remote support server, etc.

GyroEye Viewer:HoloLens / iOS

Software for displaying on each display device. HoloLens, HoloLens 2 and iOS (supported models only) are supported.

Learn more about HoloLens

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Informatics is a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner.Read the new release >>

Accuracy improvement add-on software

GyroEye Holo TS +

GyroEye Holo TS + is a system that uses GyroEye Holo in conjunction with a total station to improve the current GyroEye Holo's position accuracy and achieve stability.


Chiyoda Sokki Co., Ltd.

Case study

Measurement / Report Cooperation (PoC)
Read article (Ieiri Lab) >>
Watch the video >>
Cooperation: PRISM Consortium
Education for young engineers
Read the article (Microsoft Japan) >>
Watch the video >>One Two Three
Cooperation: East Japan Expressway, NEXCO Engineering Hokkaido
High-precision form confirmation
Read article (Ieiri Lab) >>
Watch the video >>
Cooperation: Tokyu Construction

Tunnel maintenance (PoC)
Read article (Ieiri Lab) >>
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In collaboration with KONOIKE CONSTRUCTION
Marking out inserts
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Watch the video >>
Cooperation: Tokyu Construction, Yamato
TV broadcast `` Jump out drawing ''
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Cooperation: TV Tokyo
(World Business Satellite Tretama)


Product lineup

lineup Until the order on June 2020, 6 Orders received after June 2020, 6
HoloLens 2 + GyroEye Holo Viewer Bundle 450,000 yen 450,000 yen
HoloLens 2 + GyroEye Set Package 1,100,000 yen 1,200,000 yen
GyroEye Set Package
(Hereafter ①③④ bundle)
First year: 722,000 yen
Next year: 200,000 yen
First year: 850,000 yen
Next year: 300,000 yen
①GyroEye Holo Viewer 72,000 yen 100,000 yen
②GyroEye data converter 500,000 yen 500,000 yen
③ GyroEye data converter maintenance First year: 0 yen
Next year: 50,000 yen
First year: 0 yen
Next year: 50,000 yen
④GyroEye CMS 150,000 yen / year 250,000 yen / year
GyroEye Holo starter kit (helmet attachment, HoloLens sun visor, etc.) in preparation
(Please consult us about the old HoloLens starter kit.)
Customization (on-premises server, various customizations, etc.) Please consult
Data conversion (GEM data conversion service) 150,000 yen ~
Introduction support 50,000 yen ~
GyroEye Viewer iOS in preparation
  • All prices are exclusive of tax.
  • HoloLens 2 devices alone for non-GyroEye users will not be handled. Please note.
  • For customers who already have an annual GyroEye CMS contract, the renewal fee until the end of June 2020 will be the same as before, but the new price will be applied to the renewal fee after July 6. Please note.

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