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For more efficient power equipment maintenance work!
Introducing a system that utilizes 3D point cloud data x panoramic image x map information

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Seminar Outline

There may be some people who are struggling because it takes time and effort to go to the site each time to measure the distance of electric power equipment and to maintain and maintain the equipment management.

With the system introduced this time, it is possible to attach equipment to a car and acquire 360 ​​° panoramic images, point cloud data, and running position data while driving.In addition, the data can be easily supported for separation measurement and equipment maintenance by software called "Glove".

In this webinar, we will introduce you by demonstrating using electric power equipment.

"Glove product introduction"

What is "Glove"?

This system installs equipment in the vehicle and acquires 360 ° panoramic image data and point cloud data while driving.
It is a system that can be used for local XNUMXD digitization by acquiring it, and can support maintenance work such as equipment separation measurement and abnormality detection.
■ Data acquisition-measurement flow
① Install equipment for data acquisition in the vehicle
(Hardware installation)
② Data acquisition using ①
③ Measured with software






Equipment overview

The components are
・ Camera for 360 ° panoramic image shooting
・ LiDAR device that acquires point cloud data
・ GNSS receiver that acquires location information by GPS etc.
・ IMU to acquire vehicle attitude information
・ In-vehicle PC that processes the acquired data

Consists of.








The device is installed in the vehicle and traveled, and the image, point cloud data, and traveling position data of the traveled part are acquired.
The acquired data does not need to be converted and can be viewed as it is.
With software that combines the acquired 360 ° panoramic image, point cloud data, and running position data, you can use equipment maintenance work support functions such as data confirmation and measurement functions.For example, you can measure the latitude and longitude of utility poles and electric wires and measure the distance.





Seminar contents


2021/4/14 (Wednesday) 13: 30 ~ 14: 15
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time schedule

■ Company profile / Introduction of this system
■ Demonstration using Glove (measurement of utility poles and electric wires and insertion of virtual utility poles)
■ Q & A

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■ Electricity companies Power transmission and distribution departments and those who are engaged in related work.
■ Those who are engaged in work related to equipment management.
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