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Introducing the business of informatics.

Sales of software products and provision of technical support

Informatics offers the following software products, as well as services such as post-implementation training and technical support.

GeoConic / GeoCloud It is a GIS software / WebGIS service that pursues high-speed processing that enables the construction of business applications according to the application and environment.
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SIS All-in-one GIS software featuring a large amount of data and high customizability.
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GyroEye This is an AR / MR display system that displays CAD drawings, 3D models, and image data in real space using Apple's iPhone / iPad and Microsoft's HoloLens.
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MicroGDS General-purpose 2D / 3D CAD software that can be used in a wide range of fields, from architectural design, structure and equipment management to social infrastructure design and maintenance.
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Piranesi Architectural perspective and presentation image creation software that enables presentations that are fascinating with speed finishing.
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System development

Based on the GIS spatial information system that we handle, we provide customized solutions that correspond to the details of your business.
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Data conversion and adjustment service

With a wealth of data conversion experience cultivated over many years of providing GIS solutions, we offer a variety of services related to spatial data, which is the basis of solutions, such as converting paper data to electronic data, adjusting data, and adding attributes.

  • Electronic conversion of paper data
  • Format conversion of existing data, coordinate system conversion
  • Geometric correction, attribute addition, etc.

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