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Paper data conversion service

When building a GIS system, it is first necessary to digitize paper-based materials. However, digitization requires special know-how and advanced skills.

Informatics provides data construction services that are the foundation of GIS systems, based on our extensive data conversion experience cultivated over many years of providing GIS solutions.

Service overview

The paper data conversion service is a service that enables customers to use their current paper information in GIS systems.

Converts paper information (ledgers, drawings, forms, etc.) into electronic data (points, lines, polygons, rasters, etc.) that can be handled by the system.

Case Study

A City Hall
  • A database of polygonal point coordinates (about 13000) written on paper drawings for use in the cadastral information management system
  • Creates area lines by importing DB-converted polygonal points and attaches DB-converted coordinate information and kuten information as attribute information
B City Hall Street light numbers are assigned as attribute information, and the number of street light plots: 24300 (equivalent to 2 A36 paper drawings)
C independent administrative agency Digitization of 1000 Mylar original drawings into DM (digital mapping) data by digitizing
F Prefectural Office Input of various data described in the bill presented by each municipality
Digitization and attribute assignment of restricted areas, urban planning roads, urban planning parks, green spaces, cemeteries, urbanized areas, sewers, etc.

Data adjustment service

The converted data may cause problems in appearance and performance as it is.

At Informatics, advanced data adjustment technology cultivated over many years of providing GIS solutions enables the edited data to undergo various edits and special processing to improve the appearance of data and the efficiency of system processing.

Service overview

This service adjusts the expression (look) and performance so that GIS can easily handle data used in existing systems such as map data (raster / vector), spreadsheets, and databases.

Performs various corrections for raster (image) data drawings, additional editing of partial characters and figures, joining drawings, assigning attributes, cleansing addresses and names, etc.

Case Study

D City Hall DM (digital mapping) data conversion from CAD data, geodetic coordinates, attribute information addition
E independent administrative agency Underground buried objects (subway, water and sewage, wells, common ditch, hot spring, steel tower, etc.)

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