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Spatial Information Symposium 2021,
It ended with great success

The Spatial Information Symposium is an event that introduces the latest trends and application examples of spatial information technology.For the purpose of promoting the utilization of geospatial information, in addition to lectures by experts and case presentations by users using our system, our company and pa ...

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WebGIS "Geographic Map" for Geography Education
Looking for a monitor school

Good news for teachers looking for a GIS (Geographic Information System) to make high school "geographical synthesis" compulsory from 2022.Informatics does not have a WebGIS service "Geography Map" that specializes in geography lessons ...

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For more efficient power equipment maintenance work!
Introducing a system that utilizes 3D point cloud data x panoramic image x map information

Click here to apply for the webinar video Seminar outline Some people may be struggling because it takes time and effort to go to the site each time to measure the distance of electric power equipment and to maintain and maintain the equipment management.Introducing this time ...

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