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Administrative support

Musashino City, Tokyo

Promote data utilization throughout the agency by developing guidelines for data that are the key to GIS

Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture

High operability reduces the burden of map work in the census by about half-Reducing inquiries from field departments to the Information Policy Division

Minato-ku, Tokyo

Aiming for "loosely coupled" integrated GIS-Slowly linking the requirements of each section To GIS used daily

Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Aiming to be a policy-making tool that supports a city of 150 million people

Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Each staff member can freely create and view maps in "My Layer"

Kita-ku, Tokyo

Realization of digitization utilizing existing information assets by using GIS applications

Firefighting / disaster prevention


GIS utilization in disaster mitigation measures and business continuity infrastructure development

Toyohashi University of Technology

Supporting local disaster prevention community development by utilizing WebGIS-based tools

Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Utilization of GIS in survey analysis of urban earthquake disaster

Kogakuin University

Supporting the transmission and reception of damage information in earthquake disaster drills using a real-time wide-area information sharing system

Taisei Corporation

Utilizing SIS software "SIS" for earthquake damage prediction system
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Use Cases of Cadcorp SIS in the UK Fire Sector

Staffordshire Fire Department

Improve dispatch efficiency by combining GIS with modeling software dedicated to resource planning and risk analysis

Devon Somerset Fire Department

Improved workload management and risk planning operations with the introduction of GIS and dedicated modeling software

Leicestershire Fire Department

Share fire / incident / accident / irrigation / risk information within the station

Environmental protection

Product Evaluation Technology Foundation Chemical Substance Management Center

Leveraging high-performance WebGIS and rich client technology to support the renewal opening of the ASP version map public site

Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University

Utilize GIS for research to reduce energy consumption


West Japan Railway Company-JR West Japan Consultants Co., Ltd.

Support efficient sign management in complex facilities and continue to guide and guide customers

Traffic town development technology research institute

GIS-based simulation system supports more efficient and effective study and verification of urban and transportation plans

Education and research

Toda Higashi Elementary School

Utilizing Toda City's open GIS "Iitoda Map" in 3rd grade social studies classes

Saitama University

Full utilization of SIS for various landscape research

Kokugakuin University

GIS supports the proof of authenticity of rural landscapes and the path to a World Heritage Site candidate

Osaka City University/Specialty

Aim for professional training of GIS through lectures and exercises using original textbooks

National Institute for Japanese Language

SIS with multi-map data reading and high-speed drawing functions strongly supports dialect geography analysis

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Full use of SIS for analysis and research of pedestrian movement, which is the basis for studying city planning

Tokushima University

GIS supports community-based analysis and simulation, such as regional revitalization, community development, disaster prevention, and planning support

Nagaoka University of Technology

GIS supports construction and analysis of huge spatial data including land use and urban facilities

Salesian Polytechnic

Aiming to become a specialist by introducing a GIS program

Osaka City Urban Promotion Center

Utilize GIS for effective and efficient production of basic materials for industrial promotion measures

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