Map system for financial institutions

Issues for customers

It is difficult for financial institutions to grasp the situation of a vast customer area because they have a huge amount of customer data that increases every day and there are various search methods to reach the customer information they need. ..

However, it is always one of the management issues to improve the efficiency and strengthen of sales activities for the purpose of maintaining and expanding the acquisition of excellent customers, and there is an urgent need for market analysis and sales development using new methods using existing customer information. It has become.

  • Is there a tool that can help you create a store strategy or sales plan based on your core data?
  • We want to anticipate customer needs that change with the living environment and utilize them as management resources.
  • I want to understand the sales system of each priority sales area and each area from the core data, and efficiently conduct on-site sales activities.
  • You want to understand the customer characteristics of each area and allocate sales resources that match the potential of the area.
  • I want to link it with a map, but I want to avoid introducing a large-scale system that requires management and maintenance in-house, so it is better to use it in the form of a service.


Informatics map system for financial institutions

In informatics, by linking the core system of financial institutions with our map system, various information that is difficult to grasp only with core data is visualized on a map, from a different perspective We will propose a solution to your problem.

Our financial institution map system is not limited to mere area marketing, it has many analysis functions such as segmenting customers, selecting priority areas, examining store networks, examining sales areas of branch offices, You can use it as a solution.



Unique high-speed drawing technology

Speedy and comfortable map display and operation are possible even with enormous amounts of customer data using our proprietary high-speed processing technology


Excellent operability

Operability like Microsoft Office, which is used for daily work


Provided in a package

With abundant functions provided in the standard package, system construction and operation start in a short period of time are possible


Map system specialist manufacturer

Began development and sales of map systems in Japan. Features rich development track record and high technology


Application image

A map system used in various scenes of financial institution business.

Informatics' map system for financial institutions can be used to support sales activities from area strategy, customer map display to visit planning at the financial institution headquarters.



  • By unifying the company data, the same information can be analyzed from different angles at the headquarters and branches. This makes it possible to draft a concrete implementation plan.
  • Key data and statistical data can be multiplied together and displayed on a map, making it possible to keep track of changing areas and use them as future management resources.
  • The status can be grasped from the salesman support function using mobile terminals (eg daily report function), which is effective for efficient sales development.
  • A variety of statistical data, such as household data by estimated savings class and wealth profiling data, are available. By displaying these on a map, you can understand customer characteristics and use them in planning sales strategies.
  • Unlike conventional map systems, our map systems for financial institutions provide comfortable operability and various expressions without depending on the PC environment. The program is automatically updated, so management and maintenance are easy.

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An interview article of the president was published in Nikin (Top Interview Clairvoyant, April 2020, 4).

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