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[News Release] A convenient photo function for high school geography fieldwork has been released! WebGIS "Geographic Map" Free Monitor School Wanted!

June 2021, 6 Informatics Co., Ltd. Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, CEO: Daichi Saito) is a geography comprehensive and elective geography exploration class that will be compulsory in high schools nationwide from 3. ...

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[For social infrastructure companies] DX reform by utilizing digital map information-Introduction seminar of GCJSbase and GCPhoto-

Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Representative Director: Daichi Saito) will hold a digital map utilization seminar to realize advanced equipment maintenance and operational efficiency for infrastructure companies that will be the social infrastructure 2021/06/24 ( wood) ...

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[Limited to government officials] Improve business issues with a map system!Free GIS seminar held

Click here to apply for the seminar Government Seminar 2021 Held "GIS Seminar for Government Offices" is a seminar sponsored by Informatics Co., Ltd. that introduces how to use digital maps from the basics of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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Under protection: Integrated GIS within the agency (for confirmation)

This post is password protected, so there are no excerpts.

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For improving the efficiency of power equipment maintenance work! Introducing a system that utilizes LiDAR x 360 ° image x map information

Click here to apply for the webinar video Seminar outline Some people may be struggling because it takes time and effort to go to the site each time to measure the distance of electric power equipment and to maintain and maintain the equipment management.Introducing this time ...

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[News Release] Released the latest version of MR system for business use, GyroEye 2021.1
Remote presence / deformation investigation MR package XRoss field note released

April 2021, 4 Informatics Co., Ltd. Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, CEO: Daichi Saito) is the latest MR package compatible with Microsoft HoloLens 15 ...

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