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[News Release] [Disaster Countermeasures for Railway Companies DX] Launched "ShareSnap Railway Crisis Management" that enables instant information sharing by simply taking a picture when an abnormality such as a natural disaster or accident occurs.

~ Immediately visualize disaster response sites with simple operations just by taking pictures in the event of a wide area, seriousness, or frequent disaster. From analog operation of "paper, telephone, fax, whiteboard" to utilization of "photos, videos, apps", quick response to abnormal situations is realized ...

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[News Release] Developed concrete compaction management system by MR

July 2022, 7 Zenitaka Corporation Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd. Informatics Corporation Zenitaka Corporation, Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd., and Informatics jointly manage concrete compaction by MR (Mixed Reality) ...

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[Case introduction] The case of integrated GIS of Musashino City, Tokyo is released.

GIS case Municipal GIS case

Case of Musashino City, Tokyo: Promoting data utilization throughout the agency by developing guidelines for data that are essential for GIS

Information Policy Division, General Affairs Department, Musashino City Musashino City has replaced the GIS introduced in 2002.Careful hearing about the city's current issues and the high expandability of the system were the deciding factors for introducing the new system.De in the agency ...


[Product Information] Released SIS 9 SR3 and GeognoSIS 9 SR3


[Product Information] SIS Free Viewer 9 SR3 released

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[End of holding: Archive video is being released]
Information on holding a seminar on smart posting information for government offices

Informatics Co., Ltd. held a "Smart Post Information Utilization Seminar", an information sharing system using WebGIS.For those who could not participate on the day, we have released an archive video, so please take a look ...

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Informatics Co., Ltd. releases the latest version of GyroEye 2021.2

-The calibration time for TS + * has been greatly reduced.Achieved 5 times more efficiency than before-April 2022, 4 Infomatics Co., Ltd. Infomatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 6, Omiya-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, dai ...

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[News Release] Informatics Releases BERT Japanese Pre-learning Model

April 2022, 4 Informatics Co., Ltd. Informatics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, CEO: Daichi Saito) is pleased to announce RoBERTa (A Robu ...), a language model that uses deep learning.

GIS case Municipal GIS case

Case of Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture: High operability reduces the burden of map work in the census by about half-Reducing inquiries from field departments to the Information Policy Division

Information Systems Section, Information Policy Division, Planning and Finance Department, Kawaguchi City Kawaguchi City's integrated / open GIS within the agency, which was replaced in March 2020, can smoothly transition the work of the national census conducted immediately after the replacement. I did.New ...

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