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GyroEye Holo

MR system to support construction site DX

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GIS product that can read 300 types of map data

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GeoConic / GeoCloud

GIS products for business application construction and map distribution

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GyroEye Holo


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[GIS software]


Revolutionize construction sites with 1 / scale full-scale projection!

It can be used for marking out building equipment and marking work at construction sites.In addition, it can be used for checking whether 2D drawings and 3D models are stacked correctly, checking the dimensions of full-scale drawings, and improving efficiency by measuring between two points of HoloLens.

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For improving the efficiency of power equipment maintenance work! Introducing a system that utilizes LiDAR x 360 ° image x map information

Click here to apply for the webinar video Seminar outline Some people may be struggling because it takes time and effort to go to the site each time to measure the distance of electric power equipment and to maintain and maintain the equipment management.With the system introduced this time, it is possible to attach equipment to a car and acquire 360 ​​° panoramic images, point cloud data, and running position data while driving.In addition, the data can be easily supported for separation measurement and equipment maintenance by software called "Glove".In this webinar, we will introduce you by demonstrating using electric power equipment ...

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WebGIS service for geography education "Geographical History Map"
Looking for a monitor school

Good news for teachers looking for a GIS (Geographic Information System) to make high school "geographical synthesis" compulsory from 2022.Informatics is looking for a monitor school where you can try the WebGIS service "Jishimapu", which specializes in geography lessons, for free.Why don't you take this opportunity to try out the GIS operation feeling in preparation for the full-scale start of the comprehensive geography class? Click here for details on the WebGIS service "Geographic Map"

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Indoor navigation system "Mapped in"
What is the reason why the introduction of coronavirus has progressed?

Informatics officially started handling the indoor navigation (direction guidance) system "Mappedin" from August 8th. Mappedin is an indoor navigation system developed by Mappedin of Canada, and is used in large shopping malls, commercial facilities, airports, universities, hospitals, etc. in Canada, the United States, and other countries around the world. A new type of coronavirus that has spread all over the world since February this year. Due to the corona sickness, Mappedin was being adopted in various countries. The reason is ... ... Continue on Mappedin's site! ...

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"Spatial Information Club", a site for those who want to learn GIS, maps, and spatial information in a fun and deep way.

The Spatial Information Club publishes columns on themes such as maps, location information, AI / machine learning, as well as practical lectures and GIS terminology that introduce useful functions of GIS software.Read the article >>

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Welcome to the corporate website of Informatics Co., Ltd.!

Business area of ​​Informatics Co., Ltd.

There are two main business areas.

  1. I've been involved since the beginningInformatization of 3D space
  2. Operates in various environments such as desktop, cloud, and mobileGIS Geographic Information EngineProviding custom solutions that meet the needs of companies, central government offices, local governments, etc.

For detailed examples (cases) of the solutions we provideVarious solutions (case studies) pageto see the available categories of products and services.

New business themes / products / technologies

Various technical needs are born in the above two business flows.For example

  • GIS spatial information systemAnd the fusion of AI analysis results of aerial photographs, 360-degree cameras, and LiDAR images.ならびにAIを活用したお客様のサービス向上に資する機能開発And function development that contributes to improving customer service using AI
  • Microsoft HoloLensWithVR / AR / MR technology (also collectively referred to as XR)Development proposal of business solution by mixed reality based onSee the GyroEye page for details
  • In-facility navigation system MappedinA solution for improving the ability to attract customers online, making smart cities in indoor and underground spaces based onSee the Mapped in page for details

In this way, according to customer needsGIS technology,XR technologyWill dig deeper and increase in the futureSmart city,IoTWe are also actively involved in building an information infrastructure to realize a more sophisticated, safe and secure society, and are striving to provide spatial information solutions that support various operations and citizens' lives.

The company name Informatics has the spirit of "scientific information", and in order to become a "spatial information innovation company that creates the future," human resources who challenge new technologies and strive daily to improve are gathered.

Utilization of maps and GISTo be involved inVisualization of 3D space such as virtual / mixed reality (VR / AR / MR) / LiDARin order toAI and IoTPlease feel free to contact us regarding such matters.

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