SIS: standalone & desktop GIS products

Cadcorp SIS software is available as an 'out-of-the-box’ Standalone and Desktop GIS for map data viewing, editing, creation and modelling; as Developer Kits to enable bespoke GIS application creation and integration; as an ActiveX based runtime for application deployment; as a web based GIS for web mapping application creation and data distribution and finally as a Mobile GIS. All Cadcorp software uses the same methods and code, ensuring consistency and inter-operability across the product range.

Cadcorp SIS is developed by Cadcorp Ltd.

For more information, see SIS web site (Japanese) .

MicroGDS: Architectural drafting software

MicroGDS is an architectural drafting tool for creating and managing 2D and 3D drawings. It is an all-in-one package which provides a wide range of capabilities including schedule and execution design, estimate, facility management, and presentation.

For more information, see MicroGDS web site (Japanese) .

Piranesi: 3D painting software

Piranesi is a unique 3D painting tool for generating exhibition quality images of various 3D scenes, allowing you to start with a simple rendering of a 3D model, and quickly develop it into high quality images ready for client presentations. Piranesi will turn your plain conceptual 3D models into atmospheric, stylised and persuasive visualisations.

For more information, see Piranesi web site (Japanese) .

GyroEye: AR・VR software

GyroEye is an AR(augmented reality) technology based software that composes 3D CAD models in a real world by using smartphones or tablet devices. Communication with visualized output through GyroEye improves your clients' reliability. GyroEye also helps you identify problems and bring them to the foreground in your business.

For more information, see GyroEye web site (Japanese) .