Company Overview

About Informatix

As its name suggests, Informatix attaches great importance to "the science of information" (informatics) and, in that spirit, aims to achieve the creation of knowledge as a company whose members learn from each other.

As a company providing a comprehensive range of spatial information services, with Spatial Information technology at their core, we will strive to construct information infrastructure aimed at creating a safe society that provides its members with peace of mind, and seek ways of adapting spatial information to a wide range of fields, including the provision of spatial information to support the daily lives of citizens.

The 3 SIs underpin the activities of Informatix
  • Spatial Informatics - Resourceful people engaged in the scientific study of spatial information
  • System Innovation - Tenacious people taking up the challenge of pursuing spatial information technology
  • Service Integration - Helpful people providing spatial information services

Company profile

Company name

Informatix Incorporated

Board of Directors

Board members  
President & Representative Director Shoichi Mihara
Chairman Masanori Nagashima
Director Akitoshi Nakamura
Director Tomomi Hara
Director Yasufumi Hirao
Director Yuichi Shin
Director Toshihiro Osaragi
Auditor Yasuhiko Hamada
Executive officers  
Chief Executive Officer Shoichi Mihara
Senior Managing Officer &
Chief Financial Manager
Kunimasa Tamai
Managing Executive Officer Masako Miyazaki
Managing Executive Officer Daichi Saito
Managing Executive Officer Toru Murotani
Executive Officer Masataka Ikeda
Executive Officer Yasushi Yamada



27F Muzakawasaki central tower, 1310, Omiyacho, Saiwai-ku,
Kawasaki 212-0014, Japan
Tel: [81]44-520-0850  Fax: [81]44-520-0845  
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Osaka branch office

17F Parkstower building, 2-10-70, nanbanaka, naniwa-ku,
Osaka 556-0011, Japan
Tel: [81]6-6633-0803  Fax: [81]6-6633-0804   

Nagoya branch office

11F Orix Nagoya Nishiki building, 1-5-13, Nishiki, Naka-ku,
Nagoya 460-0003, Japan
Tel: [81]52-265-8608  Fax: [81]52-265-8677   

Date of Establishment

October 1, 1981

Our Businesses

1. Software development using computers, and research and consulting services arising from this
2. Sales of software packages, system maintenance and user support
3. Information services and operations relating to data banks
4. Projects ancillary to or associated with the aforementioned areas of business

Number of employees



・October 1981: A.R.C. Yamagiwa Co., Ltd. established
・October 1981: Sales of GDS commence
・October 1986: Osaka branch office opened
・March 1989: Nagoya branch office opened
・February 1992: Sales of MicroGDS commence
・March 1992: Company name changed to Informatix Incorporated
・July 1995: Sales of SIS commence
・January 1998: Sales of Piranesi commence
・October 2002: Piranesi named as a prizewinner in the 2002 Good Design Awards
・July 2004: Awarded ISO 9001:2000 (for development outsourcing services)
・August 2006: Piranesi awarded patent in Japan
・December 2006: MicroGDS Series V9.0 awarded OCF certification
・September 2008: Awarded the privacy mark
・December 2009: Awarded ISMS certification (Head office development division)
・July 2011: GeoCloud service commences
・July 2014: Sales of GeoConic commence
・December 2015: Awarded ISMS certification (Head office product development division, Osaka branch office development group and data service group, Nagoya branch office development team)

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